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   Chapter 433 Admiration

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Deafening sounds rang out at the moment that the endless blasts burst out. The sound came from the Blood Vitality Devouring Skill being used. The attack turned into a sea of blood and wrapped the huge devil punch up before devouring it fiercely.

The devouring runes burned like raging flames and combined with the power burst forth from the Devourer Zone to break out the strongest type of devouring power. The devil punch could not free itself from the other skill, no matter how much energy it used up.

There was really no way it could escape.

Ricky had put all his strongest blood vitality into the Blood Vitality Devouring Skill, so it could not be thwarted. Ricky also refined the dead bodies of some beasts at the peak level of the Bone Reinforcement stored in the Devourer Zone into the blood vitality in advance to help boost the power of his attacks.

He absorbed the blood vitality through the Devourer Zone and turned it into the energy for the Blood Vitality Devouring Skill.

Doing it that way would put him at risk of dealing with a lot of side effects later on, but he did not have any other choices under those conditions. It was better to get sick than to die.


A scream rose up under the fiercely devouring of the Blood Vitality Devouring Skill. Yates was starting to become distressed and couldn't hold a scream back.

The power Yates burst out was at the peak of the demi-immortal level, but he didn't know that Ricky owned the most mysterious ability--the regained spiritual meridian, and the three zones on that mysterious meridian.

As he screamed, the area that the Blood Vitality Devouring Skill had wrapped up constricted and grew smaller. There was no question that Yates's devil punch could not withstand the power of the Blood Vitality Devouring Skill.

The Blood Vitality Devouring Skill was the most powerful method to use to kill someone that Ricky had; it was a skill that Ricky could use to hurt the enemy badly, but he would also damage himself if he used it. He exhausted all his blood vitality, so if Ricky could not kill his enemy by his next move, then he could only wait for his own death.

"Impossible! This is impossible! How could my devil punch be devoured?" Yates roared from within the blood sea created from the Blood Vitality Devouring Skill.

Bang! There was a loud sound as an explosion rang out. A transpar

ke for the group.

"He is right. We won't go up to the competition platform, because we sincerely admire Ricky," another warrior added in a warm tone.

Then, all the other warriors and beasts declared that they wouldn't go up to the competition platform either.

The three of them were all relieved after hearing that.

These warriors and beasts gave up the final dragon meridian for two reasons. One reason was that they really admired Ricky. That sincere admiration was the main reason.

The second reason was because what Hoffman had said had shocked them.

"Thank you, Hoffman." Kristen showed her gratitude to him as she spoke to him through a telepathic link.

"You're welcome. I did that because I believe I will be friends with Ricky after we leave the Fortune Land!" Hoffman said.

The next moment, everyone looked at Ricky, and they were all shocked again.

At that moment, Ricky was quickly regaining his lost momentum until it suddenly reached its peak in mere seconds.

At the same time, Ricky stood up. He turned over his palm and a blade of green grass appeared in his palm, though it had withered a lot.

"That...that is one of the Treasure from Heaven and Earth at the intermediate stage of the King Level--it's called the Regenerating Grass!" an elder said in amazement when he saw the grass in Ricky's hand.

When they heard what the elder said, all warriors and beasts thought that if they had not been stopped when they wanted to challenge Ricky before, they would have been severely punished by him. They also envied him for having such a precious herb.

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