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   Chapter 432 Heated Battle

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"Do you really think that you can stop me for the second time? If I guess correctly, that mysterious energy inside of you is something beyond your control. Otherwise you wouldn't have just stood by while your master was about to die," said Yates the Demi-spiritual Devil Emperor.

"Speculate all you want. But the only thing you need to know is that you are about to become a corpse," replied Ricky.

He then went berserk, trying to strike Yates the Demi-spiritual Devil Emperor with his Iron Destroyer.

Although he had been a demi-spiritual emperor, he was still in the Fortune Land, which meant his power was only within the demi-immortal level.

"Devil's Punch!" Yates the Demi-spiritual Devil Emperor shouted at the sight of Ricky charging at him. Quickly, he turned his body and fist into an indestructible weapon, smashing towards Ricky.

Yates based his power on his devil's body while Ricky on the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula. Both were the strongest bodies under the demi-immortal level. It was like a clash between steel. Sparks burst out of each collision, sending out strong airwaves.

"Die! Take this—All-in Devil's Punch!" Finally, Yates the Demi-spiritual Devil Emperor used his trump card.

Infinite black evil spirits gathered behind him, and then once again turned into a shadow of devil, hurling a punch at Ricky. Its punch carried unlimited killing power and felt like Yates the Demi-spiritual Devil Emperor had thrown his entire being into it.

This was the kind of dedication that disregarded any potential damage to himself in favor of the goal.

"Devouring Storm!"

Without further hesitation, Ricky activated his Omnipotent Skill and fused the devouring rune and the Devouring Fire.

His Devouring Fire was much more powerful than any other fire after devouring Explosive Scorching Holy Fire. With such a force, the power of the Omnipotent Skill significantly increased.

"Boom!" A crimson storm swept upwards and clashed again with the devil's punch.


ted, Yates glowered at him.

Then he said no more. He instead just increased his power to the maximum and gave his best shot—Greater All-in Devil's Punch.

Evil spirits once again swarmed, forming a shadow of devil before fusing with Yates's body. Quickly, it turned into a giant black fist coming straight for Ricky from the sky.

"All in? It's time for me to take some risks now," Ricky murmured to himself, his eyes sharp with determination.

He then activated his Devouring Skill, filling the Devouring Zone with his blood vitality.

"Omnipotent Devouring—Blood Vitality Devouring Skill!"

Ricky shouted as his body began to fuse with devouring rune. Quickly, he turned into a storm made up with hundreds of devouring mouths, sweeping towards the giant fist.

There was a scattering of small black fires in the storm here and there. They were the Heaven Illuminating Fire!

Ricky was holding nothing back now.

And he was confident that he could kill Yates the Demi-spiritual Devil Emperor with Blood Vitality Devouring Skill along with the Heaven Illuminating Fire.

"Bang!" The sound of collision rang again as the storm developed by Blood Vitality Devouring Skill impacted the most powerful devil's punch.

Endless airwaves and aftershocks rippled through the place, causing several warriors to take a step back.

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