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   Chapter 431 The Devil's True Features Were Exposed.

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6249

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"Crackle!" With the five flames raging across this space, the mad and bloody killing momentum was finally restrained.

"Kaboom! Kaboom!" A showdown between two ultimate powers turned up the tension.

The five flames in Ricky's chest rose in a flash, releasing five kinds of infernal powers.

Immediately, Ricky thrust the Iron Destroyer into the five flames and smashed it downwards. The five flames instantly gained strength and covered the Iron Destroyer completely.

The Iron Destroyer, now covered with five flames and chaotic fire runes, smashed towards the Blood Devil Fist.

This powerful strike was an integration of Chaotic Fire Zone and five kinds of flames.

Each kind of peculiar fire or sacred fire counted as one of Ricky's trump cards. Ricky's strike at the moment was founded on the five flames and was the most powerful. It was of course an Omnipotent Skill.

"The five flames are so powerful!" the warriors around exclaimed, all feeling the big impact of Ricky's strike.

"Is it the five most powerful Beast Fire? Or is it a holy fire at a higher level?"


"Boom!" Ricky's strike and the Blood Devil Fist collided, interrupting the warriors. Their two most powerful moves had crashed!

In the center of the collision, intense light flashed. Shock waves engulfed everything in a flash, including Ricky and Four.

The entire fortune competition platform completely collapsed. Fortunately the ultimate dragon meridian survived in one piece, as the Fortune Land protected it.

The collision was so powerful that the curtains of light that surrounded each fortune competition platform nearly collapsed, with multiple cracks forming on them.

"Boom! Boom!" It was a long time before the effects of the collision dissipated.

A battle cry suddenly burst forth!

It was Four who roared loudly. Suddenly, black forces swept throug

ters in the Chaotic Region, but didn't have any idea about what was going on there.

"Kristen, I didn't expect to see him here. That old devil is still alive!" Tyson said to Kristen anxiously, stealthily using his internal power.

"Certainly! I never expected his life force to be so strong!" Kristen sighed. "But it doesn't matter! Since Ricky was able to kill him before, he can kill him again!"

"I think so too. I refuse to believe that Ricky will be defeated by this devil loser!" Tyson replied.


"It seems that half of your soul has indeed survived. But it's no bother to me to destroy it too. Don't tell me you can splinter your soul again," Ricky growled menacingly.

"You seem to be a rather audacious devil! Once you knew I was here, you came to send yourself to your own death!"

"You say I'm sending myself to my own death? Let me tell you this; not only will I drink your blood, but I will also take over your flesh body!" Yates shouted in rage. "Once I seize your ultimate dragon meridian, I will make sure that in the next hundred years, not a single innate spirit will survive in this Realm of Wildness!"

"A pipe dream for a devil! Zip your lips and show me your broken fist and claw!" Ricky laughed coldly.

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