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   Chapter 430 The Devil's Reappearance

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7582

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Boom! Boom! Ricky and Four both raised their momentum to their peaks in their best attempts to kill each other. Their power had reached the highest point of demi-immortal that all the spectators could feel the overwhelming power surging from Ricky and Four.

''It is very hard to tell who would win this fight. Four seems to be more powerful than Sham while Ricky refuses to reveal his true strength. It's pretty obvious he held back in the last fight.

Maybe I should just be satisfied with my ninety feet dragon meridian. The fierce battles also enlightened me by a lot either way. It's been worth the trip to the Fortune Land, ''

sighed a warrior. The warriors and beasts were beginning to covet the final dragon meridian less eagerly than they did before. There were subtle changes happening to their heads. They began to show true reverence towards Ricky and Four due to their overwhelming power.

In a world where the strong ruled over the weak, the powerful people were always well respected. That was the natural law.

The reverence made all spectators classify Ricky and Four into these powerful people they should never offend, which justified their newly formed ideas that the final dragon meridian should belong to either one of them.


''Your spiritual energy seems highly familiar to me. I have this feeling that I have met you somewhere before, '' said Ricky, clasping with Four with all his energy.

''Well, I don't think so. I cannot recall meeting someone like you, '' Four replied nonchalantly.

However, Ricky did not notice the subtle changes in Four's eyes as he was smiling.

Staring at Four's face in an attempt to feel his energy, Ricky still couldn't place him. But Ricky had a hunch that he has surely met him before.

'It shouldn't be a big deal anyway. I'm gonna end his life right now, no matter who he might be, ' Ricky thought to himself smugly.

''Maybe you're right and it shouldn't really matter. Now, go and try to impress me with your Shadowy Fatal Attack!'' said Ricky with confidence.

Buzz, buzz! Ricky immediately went to his Nine-degree Body Refining Formula. From his body sprang out the golden lights. The whole competition platform was again surrounded with rows of dazzling golden lights.

With t

ering the powerful momentum created by the devil, his blood power is truly very strong, ' Ricky thought to himself indignantly. Now, all he wanted to do was kill Four as soon as possible.

Ricky didn't feel the tiniest compassion towards the devil. He was willing to kill the last of their kind.

''Die!'' Four roared once again. His berserk body integrated with the devil that then launched a dark bloody punch. The punch, full of both the killing and berserk power, destroyed everything in its way and was aimed directly at Ricky.

Ricky noticed that when four launched his attack, a few drops of blood were absorbed by the punch, making it more powerful. The devil punch smashed everything it passed through into bits and pieces. The damage was so great that it took more than a while for the atmosphere around them to settle.

Only the true innate power could tear the space apart in such strength.

Ricky couldn't be more serious when he tried to defend himself from the punch.

From the punch, Ricky felt Four's immense hatred towards him. He realized that Four was doing all of this for vengeance.

'I must know him, and I don't think we were friends at all, ' Ricky thought to himself secretly.

Ricky had no time to think further because he had to resist the powerful devil punch released by Four.

Taking a deep breath, Ricky ignited the chaotic fire runes that surrounded him. A bright flame with five colors blazed in front of his chest.

"Nonuple Flame Strike——the Fifth Strike!"

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