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   Chapter 428 The Powerful Four

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"Who is it?" This figure caught everyone's attention.

"Endless Shadow! He's... Sham's guard?" Ricky and Hoffman shot each other looks of confusion.

There were five people of the Endless Shadow that had come to the Fortune Land. Sham was the leader, followed by his four other guards, who had been trained from a very young age by the Endless Shadow. It was set up specifically for Sham's protection.

Although these four guards were not as powerful and intelligent as Sham, they were still tier-one geniuses in the Realm of Wildness who were able to challenge the opponent of higher levels.

Being as faceless and emotionless guards, they were simply named One, Two, Three and Four.

The one clad in black jumped on stage. He was the fourth guard of Sham, Four.

"What's he doing here? Can't he see that this old man's strength isn't below his master!? Does he want to get himself killed?" Realizing who he was, the remaining warriors and beasts started talking.

"Who knows> He could be trying to avenge his master and kill Ricky."


"Four, what are you doing?" the other three guards asked him. They were confused too.

"Brothers, our poor master has just died. Naturally, I intend to take the last dragon meridian. If I succeed, I will become the first genius killer of the new generation in the Endless Shadow," Four answered with greed in his voice.

"Arrogant prick," the other guards muttered scornfully.

If Four was looking to get killed, they couldn't stop him. Besides, although they served the same man and called each other brother, they were still killers and didn't see eye to eye with each other.

Other warriors and beasts also disapproved of Four's action. They believed that greed had made Four lose his mind.

Ricky thought otherwise. His instinct told him

u have power like this? You are just a guard!" The old man was equally shocked.

"That's what I have been telling you, old man. You've just been living in this world, blind to everything around you!" Four smiled coldly.

"Now I am going to show you what Shadowy Fatal Attack and Shadowy Replication really look like." Four then turned his eyes to Ricky.

Clearly it had been meant for Ricky.

"The real Shadowy Fatal Attack?" Ricky mumbled to himself, beginning to process what was happening.


Dense black spiritual energy on Four burst out, creating ten shadows of Four. Himself included, there were eleven now in total!

"How could it be! Ten replicas? It is said that even the Shadow King can only do ten!" Everyone was extremely shocked at this scene.

Their eyes grew so wide that it looked as though they were about to pop out of their sockets.

But the ones that were most shocked were the three other guards. They looked at each other and murmured, "He might not be the Four that we came with."

"Ten replication! That's better than Sham!" Ricky grew solemn, fixing his eyes on Four. For some peculiar reason, this man looked familiar. Where had he seen him before?

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