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   Chapter 427 Ultimate Dragon Meridian

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"Nothing is impossible. Did you really think that you could kill me only with your soft-iron sword? Did you really think that I wouldn't recognize your Shadowy Replication?" Ricky said in a calm tone, staring down at terrified Sham.

"How... how could it be? These two persons are proving more and more powerful than each other!" Many warriors around them were shocked at seeing their fight.

"He figured out that Sham used the Shadowy Replication to fake his death!" Hoffman said happily. But his expression also turned serious.

He was happy because Ricky didn't die. Though he wasn't close to Ricky, he would like to see Ricky, rather than Sham, survive. He also looked grim, because Ricky was more formidable than Sham.

Hoffman also wanted to win the ultimate dragon meridian, and Ricky was standing in his way.

"This guy always makes us worry about him!" Kristen and Tyson finally relaxed when they saw that Ricky was safe and sound.


"It's impossible! Your body refinement is incredibly strong! How could it be? I used the Shadowy Replication very carefully, even more discreetly than using the Shadowy Fatal Attack. You couldn't have known it," Sham shouted with anger, his eyes wide and crazed.

"You can't understand my body refining. To be honest, nothing can hurt my body except a real spiritual weapon. Besides, I have seen this Shadowy Replication many times before," Ricky replied.

"If I couldn't detect it, I wouldn't deserve being called a talent.

My Vitality Plundering Palm is used to plunder vitality. When I collided with you just now, I didn't sense any vibe of vitality. Therefore, I could tell that it was only a shadow of you."

'What an impressive man! His speculation is right.' Every warrior nearby felt shivers run up their spine. They were growing more and more afraid of Ricky.

Sham was filled up with despair after hearing what Ricky had

him to shreds.

Afterwards, the competition began. But in the beginning, everyone was restless and impatient.

Of course, someone intelligent was still waiting for the opportune time.

Six hours later, the final winner was an old man. No one knew his name, because he was a hermit warrior at the peak of the demi-immortal.

He was as strong as Sham.

"Hey, everyone, do you want to challenge me? If not, the ultimate dragon meridian will belong to me," the old guy said calmly, looking around at the crowd.

Finally, his eyes landed on Hoffman and Ricky, Others also looked at them, because they were the most possible warriors of all to compete for the ultimate dragon meridian.

'Ricky, if you win over him, I will give up this opportunity. I fear that I can't defeat him, ' Hoffman said to Ricky using his internal power after thinking a lot.

'Besides, I have a strong intuition that you still have more aces up your sleeve, ' he added.

'I'm glad to hear that, Hoffman. I wanted to get to know you more after this day. Thank you.' Ricky accepted Hoffman's kindness and was ready to jump onto the competition platform.

It would be hypocritical of him to refuse.

However, someone else had jumped on the competition platform before Ricky!

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