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   Chapter 425 Vitality Plundering Palm

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At this moment, the air above the whole competition platform was filled with the burning flame and killing power while the space was contorting continuously.

The warriors can neither see Ricky and Sham nor sense them at all because it was full of intense blast and they can only sense the wild aura of what was going on.

However, they still stared at the platform even more intensely as they waited for the scattering of the fierce blast.

The fierce blast almost vanished after a long moment, finally exposing the figures of tiresome Ricky and Sham.

The two of them both looked a mess in tatters as they half knelt on the collapsed competition platform.

Though Ricky had activated the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula, he was bleeding profusely. Scars would probably emerge sooner or later. It looked like Sham's Eight Killing Replication really damaged him badly.

Things were not much better for Sham. With burning scars all over his hands and arms, he was also damaged badly by the Flame Torrent and the Flaming Cage.

But right now they were both still at their peaks, after all they were at the advanced stage of the demi-immortal and would not be exhausted only by one heavy crash.

"Looks like the power of the two were both of the same level. I think it will be difficult to have a winner today." The warriors around the platforms chatted discreetly using their internal power.

"There must be a winner. We all know the rule of the competition on the platform -- when two warriors fight, only one person should survive in the end."

"Isn't that the result we all want? If they keep on colliding like that, they would both suffer great losses. It couldn't be better that they can perish together."

"Exactly. Otherwise by virtue of their power, we just enter here to take a look at the final dragon meridian and watch one of them to get it."


"How hateful you are! How can you still be alive?" Looking at Ricky, Sham shouted hoarsely. He staggered up and condensed his power, ready to attack again.

"I told you that I won't die as long as your

as real among these shadowy swords that was supposed to deceive him.

"Vitality Plundering Palm!"

As Ricky roared, his eyes turned fire-yellow and his momentum was full of the sense of desolation and ancientness. At this time, Ricky seemed to come from remote antiquity.

Then after the chaotic fire rune spread all over Ricky's body, the Ruin Fire burned on him.

The chaotic fire rune fused with the Ruin Fire and their power flew to Ricky's right palm, then he slammed the yellow palm heavily towards the real sword he successfully verified.

Bang! The next moment, two attacks which seemed basic but the strongest power as they crashed together. At the central point of the crashing, endless blasts burst out instantly and twisted the space once more.

The other shadowy swords around all vanished aside from the one which crashed with the Vitality Plundering Palm.

Then the Vitality Plundering Palm started to change substantially and the Ruin Fire fused with chaotic fire rune melted the shadowy sword in one second.

The power on the shadowy sword weakened in an instant.

It dissipated soon and it turned back into the soft-iron sword without any power. It truly terrified Sham despite his will power.

"How is that possible? How? Why did my power vanish so quickly?" Sham could not believe all that was happening around him. It made him scream hoarsely in frustration.

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