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   Chapter 424 The Eight Killing Replication

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They pressed their lips together as a few miles separated them. They stood face to face with their eyes glued to each other. Both of them were on guard and wore their serious looks.

The collision made the both of them realize just how strong their opponent was. Neither of them could defeat the other easily. With this in mind, they grew more and more cautious.

Although Sham had the capabilities to hit Ricky in an instant, he was moving too fast. As a result, he failed to gather enough power and wasn't able to harm Ricky who utilized the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula. It was no exaggeration to say that his attack was nothing more than a breeze sweeping over Ricky's face.

Ricky did not perform well either. Despite the fact that he could resist Sham's attack, it was the only thing he could do. He was unable to act fast enough and could not launch his own aggressive attack towards Sham. Merely defending the self wasn't supposed to be the ultimate purpose of this fight. Speed mattered a lot in the martial arts world. A little bit of lag would bring disaster to any warrior.

'So, this is what I lack, huh? Speed! After I'm done with you and once I get out of this place, I'll have to find myself some kind of method to learn how to move much faster. Otherwise, speed will remain to be my only weakness. That is not good for future cultivations, ' Ricky thought to himself discreetly.

'How could I possibly hit? Hmmm, this is definitely a big problem, '

he wondered as he squinted his eyes and furrowed his eyebrows. 'It seems that I have no choice but to use my other powerful methods. He must be thinking the same thing. He probably has already made up his mind to approach me and then concentrate on attacking me in order to overcome my Nine-degree Body Refining Formula.'

He was right. Sham was thinking the exact same thing. He figured that the only way to put a quick end to this fight was to dash towards his opponent and strike him closely. Otherwise, both of them would eventually get completely exhausted and even if he won in the end, he would become too weak to fight those who were keeping a close eye and ready to tear him apart once given the chance.

Sham was looking forward to beating up his opponent and claiming the victory. And so was Ricky. Both of them firmly believed that they would be the winner, so it was naturally that they wanted to get everything over with as soon as possible.

"It's time to slog it out!" the warriors who surrounded them began to whisper among themselves. Seized by excitement, they tried their best not to breathe heavily. They watched the battle very closely, eyes not moving at all. Missing any magnificent scene was the last thing they would like.

"I'm going to wave my soft-iron sword towards you. You better prepare for it. It will punch thousands of holes on your body. The Nine-degree Body Refining Formula, right? It shall disappear along with your body very soon!" Sham growled in a deep and malicious tone as his red eyes shone with ferocious light.

At the same time, he placed his soft-iron sword against his chest and was ready to fight.

"Oh, is that right? Why don't you try me!" Rick


Right in front of everyone's eyes, the Flame Torrent he had changed into, separated and formed hundreds of burning circles. They spread out in all directions and surrounded his virtual space. Sham and his replications fanned the air.

"Wh... What is going on? What did I just see? How could he turn his body into flames and disappear in the air?" This scene just made all the warriors' jaws drop. Their hearts were seized by great disbelief. "Is there even any known method that could do this? Have you heard of any?" another one asked.

Before their whispers and puzzles even had the chance to be discussed or answered, the burning flames once again appeared in the air out of nowhere and formed a giant cage. It approached and trapped Sham along with his spinning replications.

Torrents made of flames lingered above the burning cage. What was more, crimson runes danced on the torrents as well.

The Flame Torrents, which were strong and looked like large waves, ran towards the nine figures stuck in the cage's center.

Sham and his replications did not just stand there to accept their doom. Instead, they began to spin in the air quickly once again and formed nine storms. They then dashed towards different directions in an attempt to break Ricky's Flaming Cage.

"Bang! Bang!" They collided with the cage as they carried their swords towards nine directions with great force and created earsplitting crackling sounds. They were engulfed by the Flame Torrents.

"Boom! Boom!"

The powerful collision created more than just sounds. The space around the Flaming Cage was warped because of the strong explosion. And if one would take a closer look, they would see that the space cracked like glass.

Hundreds of huge Flame Torrents then swallowed Sham's dark spiritual energy, just like the volcano erupted and engulfed the tornado. The torrents then ran wild and dashed around madly. They all collided with the glow tent as the flames splattered around.

The collision shook the giant dragon meridian heavily. It shivered so violently that the competition platform beneath them collapsed.

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