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   Chapter 422 Grace Becoming An Innate Spirit

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 11516

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"Crack!" "Crack!"

The crackling sounds burst out from the wave of air after the intense collision. Then the golden lights exploded and split into the wave. If someone took a closer look, he would see that there were human fleshes and blood mixing with all the lights.

Without a doubt, it was Kinsey who was blown into tiny little pieces.

Being attacked by the overwhelming power of ice and flame, he was unable to withstand the attack even though he employed his Metallic Mutant. All his efforts were in vain.

Yes, it was true that Grace had had her spiritual meridian changed. She now possessed another power, and it greatly improved her combat power. However, there was something more important that no one knew. This critical change was known only by herself.

After the air bellow faded, all that was left where Kinsey used to stand were some broken pieces of clothes and pools of blood.

"He... He's dead! Kinsey is dead! Even with his strong Metallic Mutant, he was still killed in an instant!" some of the warriors screamed in surprise. All of them were taken aback by what they just saw. "And he was crushed into pieces! Without anything left! Jesus Christ! How amazing is that!" another voice echoed.

Kinsey, who was so confident and arrogant and claimed that he would destroy his enemy one more time, had been shattered for good! His body was completely crushed, leaving nothing but blood on the battle platform.

"That's not everything. The power that Grace displayed just now seems to be more than the limit of a demi-immortal," some older warriors murmured in a low voice as they squinted their eyes. They couldn't help but stare at Grace.

Ricky also noticed it. "God! Could her power be stronger than a demi-immortal's?" he whispered under his breath.

Kinsey had the Metallic Mutant and was at the peak of being a demi-immortal. Add to that, he was also very talented. It wouldn't be exaggeration to say that anyone wouldn't stand a chance against him in the demi-immortal phase.

No matter how strong Grace was as a demi-immortal, there was no way she could've killed and destroyed him in a short span of time unless she gave everything she had. However, she just achieved victory without any trouble. Kinsey did not have a chance to fight back at all.

What was more was that Ricky felt a stronger power linger on Grace's Sword of Justice when she was controlling it to attack Kinsey. It was very familiar. He had also felt it before when Soar broke through and became an innate spiritual beast.

Thinking about all this, Ricky could not help but grow worried about Grace. They were in the Fortune Land now. Innate warriors were not usually allowed to stay here. He had no clue what would happen to her if she progressed further into breaking through and reaching the innate spirit.

"Master Grace, can you restrain your power?" Immediately, Ricky asked Grace with his internal strength.

"No, I'm afraid I cannot. The blood of the flame power has already been awakened. I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to prevent breaking through soon!" Grace replied in a concerned tone as her eyebrows furrowed.

"What would happen if you stay here once you become an innate spirit? Do you have any clues?" He threw out another question at once.

"No, I have no idea," replied Grace.

"Hey, Ricky! She is about to break through very soon, isn't she?" Hoffman interrupted their conversation, exerting his inte

rriors began to hold their nerves tightly. Four strong and dazzling lights collided at the same time.

The lights were from Ricky's eyes and Sham's.

"They are about to fight," the warriors began to whisper among themselves as they felt the ferocious murderous intents in their eyes.

"That's great! If they fight, one of them will surely kill the other and win. By that time, the winner would be completely exhausted. We will be able to defeat him a lot easier and get what we want!" another warrior chimed in with excitement.

"Yes! You are absolutely right! Let's just wait and see! I can't wait until it's all over!"


As they glared at each other, the light curtain on Sham's competition platform dashed towards Ricky's and stopped beside him.

"A talented slayer, am I right? Now that you are wishing for death, I am here to make your dreams come true!" Ricky scolded coldly as his eyes locked on Sham. Immediately, he reached out and resisted the light curtain with his bare hands.

"I'm sure your master will feel really sad as she waits endlessly for you," Sham replied back in the same cold way. "Kinsey said that he hated to take people away from their friends and family. You see, I am not like him. I enjoy it very much when I bring people apart!

So, you are going to stay here forever, and you will never return to your master until the end of time!"

Before his voice faded, Sham jumped through the glow tent and landed on Ricky's competition platform.

"Oh? How talkative you are! Stop talking and just show me how capable you are! The first slayer of the Endless Shadow, right? Humph! Hopefully, you really live up to your title and don't behave like Ellison who couldn't do anything but draw the long bow," Ricky replied as he sneered.

"If I defeat you without exerting much effort, then that would be just so damn boring!"

"Bang! Bang!" Ricky channeled his strength and threw it out forcefully towards Sham. Immediately, their auras collided with each other and caused a loud bang that echoed through the skies. It was too overwhelming for ordinary warriors to resist. Some warrior were pushed backwards uncontrollably to stretch themselves away from them. The wave that broke out from their collision was too much for any of them to withstand.

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