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   Chapter 421 The Sword Of Justice

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The fire and ice enveloped Grace and gathered around her body. But they remained separate elements and did not mix together.

One side of her body where her birthmark was became engulfed in flames, while the other half was covered by ice. She looked like she was split in two!

"Whoosh! Whoosh!"

Her eyes flew open all of a sudden! In one eye blazed the light of fire, in the other shone the light of ice. She turned her fierce eyes to Kinsey and blinked her eyes forcefully. Then two lights emitting from her eyes shot towards Kinsey, bearing enormous energies. Kinsey was hit and had to step backwards because of the strong impact.

Everyone was completely shocked. Their jaws dropped and eyes widened as they covered their mouths on impulse. This was just too amazing to believe their eyes. Grace was reborn! And she had become stronger than ever! What was more, apart from her original frosty power, she now seemed to control another incompatible power - the flame power! How could living things come back to life once they were killed? It was truly gobsmacking.

"Master Grace!" Ricky murmured in shock. It was several moments before he fully processed what had just happened.

"Stand up and wipe away your tears. No disciple of mine should be weeping like that on the ground," Grace said calmy to Ricky using her internal strength.

"Yes, master. I just didn't expect you to come back. And your power..." Ricky stood up at once. He stared at her, mesmerized by her new aura.

"It's rather complicated; I'll explain after I kill Kinsey," Grace replied, her face remaining expressionless. "Be careful, master. He is still very strong," Ricky said in a concerned tone. Though he could sense that she was now more powerful, he could not help feeling worried. Her body must be still weak after what had happened.


"Thank you so much, Kinsey. Thank you for making me desperate. If it were not for you, I would have never awakened the flame power inside my body. I was so close to death, but still, here I am... all because of you!" Grace said indifferently to Kinsey, who was still frozen in shock.

"No! That's impossible! You're from the Snow Sect! You are supposed to possess only the frosty power. How could someone from the Snow Sect gain the flame power? Awakening the flame power inside your body? You must be talking nonsense! I won't believe a single word from you!" Kinsey shook his head, yammering in denial.

"Even someone from the Snow Sect can have their spiritual meridian mutated. And my frosty spiritual meridian is mutated thanks to your push," Grace sneered.

"The spiritual meridian can mutate in extreme predicaments? I've never heard of such a thing. Have you?" the warriors and beasts whispered in incredulity amongst themselves. Grace's claim was previously unheard of! "No, I must say I haven't. But it doesn't mean that it's impossible," some said.

Despite the fact that eve

rack!" Kinsey's Metallic Destructive Palm began to crack, shocking everyone but Grace. Within a few seconds, more and more cracks had spread on his palm. "Kaboom!" It was smashed into pieces! The Sword of Justice, on the other hand, remained as powerful as it had been and rushed to the golden storm to collide with him.

The Metallic Destructive Palm was now totally destroyed. And there was no way Kinsey's golden storm would withstand Grace's mighty sword. It halted, and then collapsed. Kinsey let out several shrill cries as he fell to the ground heavily, rolling for many meters until he finally stopped.

There was a stunned silence. They had been well-matched opponents in the first fight, but now, the tables had totally turned.

Many still had trouble processing the reality that Grace had come back to her life with her mutated spiritual meridian and dual powers.

This was incredibly dramatic. None of them had anticipated this. Now all of them were seized by shock and they even began to doubt whether they were only dreaming up this amazing fight.

"Go, my sword!" Grace did not relax her vigilance though Kinsey was defeated, lying on the ground. No second chances for him. It was time to do what she had always wanted to.

"No, no, no! It's impossible! How could it be!" Kinsey coughed out blood, screaming maniacally.

Still, he did not give up. Dying here without fighting back was the last thing he would do. So he once again called forth his strength to form his Metallic Mutant. He crossed his arms and put them in front of his chest to resist the attack from the giant sword, hoping he would at least survive it.

"Boom!" The Sword of Justice hit Kinsey heavily on his crossed arms, where his golden killing spiritual energy was just beginning to form. Then there was a strong wave created by the collision which engulfed Kinsey and the sword before it spread all over the surroundings, pushing back many warriors.

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