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   Chapter 420 Fire Burning In the Ice

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The silence that followed was as though the whole world had been completely destroyed in an instant.

Everyone couldn't help turning their heads to look at Ricky and see how he would react.

Tyson and Kristen grew silent, their sorrow for Grace remaining in their eyes. Hoffman also felt sorry for her, as she had a link with Kristen whom he had been pursuing for years.

Ricky was silent.

But everyone could feel an infinite frostiness in him, which extremely terrified them. Ricky's eyes grew bloodshot, quivering so intensely that nobody knew exactly where he was looking at, which terrified them even more.

If they looked closely at Ricky, they would see blood running from Ricky's clenched fists as he dug his fingernails deep into his palms.

Even though Ricky remained silent, there seemed to be an extremely crazy beast clawing its way out of him.

"Plop!" Tears fell from Ricky's eyes onto the competition platform. He fell to his knees, still silent.

Out of everyone here, he had been the closest to her.

Grace, his dearest master, had died in front of him in this way. There was nothing he could do but watch this happen, which made him racked with guilt.

He hated himself for his inability to activate the mysterious axe in the Soul Sea within his body, for his inaction on deterring Grace from fighting and for his countless other shortcomings.

"Master..." he uttered hoarsely. All the grief and guilt he felt turned into this single word.

Right now, all that occupied his mind was that what he could do to make Grace come back to life. He had forgotten about everything except this in his current mind, or he would be distracted by the fact of Kinsey killing Grace. He would take revenge on him, but not just yet. It wouldn't bring Grace back, and she was all that mattered at that moment.

Ricky's willpower grew weak. He felt lost; directionless.

In tackling difficulties in martial arts, he had always had strong willpower and great perseverance. But when it came to the select few that he loved, he had a sensitive heart and could become very emotionally affe

possible?" warriors said, puzzled at this.

The reason why Grace's dragon meridian remained attached could only be that she was still alive!

They quickly noticed that the frosty power around Grace's body still existed.

"This can't be possible! She is still alive? The Metallic Mutant Storm had clearly pierced through her body!" gasped Kinsey, shaking his head hard in shocked disbelief.

The moment his voice trailed away, changes took place in Grace's frozen body.

First, the temperature around Grace's frozen body began to rise suddenly as though there was a big stove; but her strong frosty power still remained at the same time.

"Crackle!" came the sound of fiercely blazing fire.

Red flames began to burn within the icy layer around Grace's frozen body.

"Crack!" "Crack!"

With the red fire burning, the icy layer wrapping around Grace's body began to break into pieces. Soon, her original body emerged, surrounded by flickering flames.

All the other warriors became numb with shock after witnessing this extraordinary change!

If they took a closer look, they would notice that all the flames around Grace's body came from the red birthmark on her face.

Then another transformation took place! The widespread frosty power around her gathered to Grace's body again.

It was a magnificent sight to see. Grace's body was surrounded by flames and ice at the same time!

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