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   Chapter 419 The Death Of Grace

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 12154

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"I don't feel right, Ricky. Something smells fishy. Look, Kinsey and Grace have equivalent strength. But now, Kinsey is employing his Metallic Mutant. His power is bound to increase greatly. In this case, Grace..." Tyson used his internal strength to converse with Ricky. "I feel the same discomfort, too. He is going to have greater power, I would say, way stronger than Grace's," Kristen echoed in the same way, worried.

"I've notice it, too. You are right about this," Ricky admitted with furrowed brows, though he was unwilling to accept this fact because he still hoped for the best.

"But there's nothing I can do. I have to trust her, hoping she can make it through."

After partially suppressing his realizations to keep his focus, Ricky locked his eyes on the battle platform, cheering for Grace silently. 'Come on, Master Grace. Be careful and beat him.' At the same time, he activated his mind to race quickly, trying to connect with the mysterious axe dwelling in the deepest side of his Soul Sea. He had searched about this in his mind to identify as to which tool he currently owned could help to break the glow teen on the battle platform. The conclusion was that the mysterious axe might be the only one which would be of any help. His mind travelled across his Soul Sea, searching for the trace of the axe but he grew more and more anxious as he failed to locate even the most minute trace. Despondency and anxiety began to creep over his heart. 'Come on, come on! Where are you? Show yourself!' he fervently prayed silently.


Grace, on the other hand, grew more serious and focused as her eyes concentrated on Kinsey. She had been absolutely confident about herself after all she had been through and certain that she would definitely defeat him. However, her confidence was shattered painfully, thanks to Kinsey's unexpected performance.

"What? You look so scared," Kinsey claimed in a distant tone. He would notice even a hint of change on Grace's face.

"Of course not! I was just surprised!" Grace replied in the same tone as she was asked. Without hesitation, she immediately adjusted and regained her confidence. Yes, she might be surprised but there was no way to claim that she was being scared because everyone knew that she was never a coward. Though her enemy might be stronger than her, never would she surrender without a fight. "Hopefully, your Metallic Mutant would not disappoint you," she exclaimed, voice turning slightly arrogant.

"Holy Snow Attack - come and embrace me, my snowflakes!"

Grace employed her cultivation method once again as she screeched. All the frosty power, which had been circling around her, materialized and turned into thousands of snowflakes. They joined and condensed in an instant, then fell gracefully on Grace's body like a glamorous robe.

"Click!". "Click!"

There were crackling sounds heard in all directions and Grace was soon covered by the snowflakes. An icy sword materialized in her hands, flickering in promising spark. The crowd beneath the battle platform felt that magic was happening in front of them and covered their eyes to protect them from the dazzling sword shining the brightest.

Grace never hesitated and made her move. She flew into the air at a breathtaking pace and appeared above Kinsey in the blink of an eye. Next thing they knew, she jabbed him downwards with her icy sword to hack him into pieces. Her icy blade rushed towards Kinsey's forehead in a snap. She wanted to end him.

"Well, I'm quite confident about my Metallic Mutant and I'm pretty sure It will not disappoint me, but it will surely disappoint

sey!" Hoffman persuaded in a cold tone.

"Don't what? Ha-ha. Just come and smash the light curtain on the platform if anyone of you would even dare," Kinsey snorted coldly.

Then, he stopped communicating with them and turned his sharp eyes to Grace.

"Stop struggling anymore, Grace. Even though you are able to employ the Holy Snow Attack, you are weaker than me now. You are not, by any means, a match for me anymore. Just face that fact," he claimed with a distant voice. "Today is going to be the last day you breathe in this world. Let's continue with this fight and put an end of all of it."

"Bomb! Bomb!"

Before his words faded, he channeled all his strength to employ the golden killing spiritual energy to the extremes of his capabilities. Then he spun fast and turned into a golden storm.

"Golden killing spiritual energy - Metallic Mutant Storm!" Kinsey was proudly giving off an arrogant laughter as he performed his cultivation method.

Then the golden storm carrying an overwhelming power swept towards Grace.

Faced with the impending strike of death, Grace remained calm.

She wiped the blood on the corners of her mouth and stood up. She then channeled her internal strength to activate the Holy Snow Attack to the limit. All the frosty power circled around her now fragile physique.

"The power of holy snow - Icy Shield!"

As she roared, endless frosty power scrambled to move ahead, forming an icy shield in front of her to shield her from the incoming attack. There were snowflakes floating around the shield.

Grace's body almost turned transparent because she exerted all her strength to employ the Holy Snow Attack. The power left in her body continued to get depleted.

Kinsey's Metallic Mutant Storm hit Grace's Icy Shield.

The difference between their powers were prominent. Probably one could improve their power by practicing hard or in great persistence. However, it would not make much difference in the end.

Grace's Icy Shield did not last long. It held the Golden Storm back for only a few seconds. As everyone else predicted, the shied was smashed, broken into pieces, and its parts disappeared in the air at last.

The storm dashed towards her again and thrust through her body which seemed to be an icy sculpture because of its transparency.

After it was done, the storm shaped back into Kinsey and landed behind Grace. The whole space fell silent.

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