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   Chapter 418 Metallic Mutant

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"Smashing Blade Attack! Break mountains and rivers!"

The moment Ricky caught the sight of the Great Killing Sword, he immediately set ablaze his massacring runes. All of a sudden, ultimate killing intent erupted. Massacring Fire and Heaven Slaughtering Fire rose like two guardians, amassing the killing power right behind Ricky.

By now, the Iron Destroyer had already appeared in Ricky's hands.

It gathered all the forces of killing, which flew to it as if magnetized.

Ricky leaped, thrusting his saber upward.

Right then, a golden blade lashed out. Simultaneously, the Heaven Slaughtering Fire and Massacring Fire which had been blazing right behind Ricky changed instantly.

They became multiple shadows of mountains and rivers, creating a detailed illustration.

But after only a moment, these shadows broke into pieces, which transformed into killing power. Finally, they were absorbed by the golden blade.

The golden blade expanded, until it finally became as large as Ellison's Great Killing Sword.

This move was just the first level of Smashing Blade Attack, which was an intermediate cultivation method of Black Level that Ricky had mastered in the Sky Manor.

In fact, as the intermediate cultivation method of Black Level, Smashing Blade Attack could typically not be used to fight against Ninefold King-slaughtering Array. However, Ricky had combined the power of Heaven Slaughtering Fire and Massacring Fire.

These two kinds of fire transformed it with the forces of killing. Together with this powerful blade, Ricky had a very powerful move at his disposal. Strong saber-light glowed around the blade.

It was very powerful at around ninety percent.

When Ricky reached nine grade of Bone Reinforcement, it was now easy for him to attain this level of saber-light.


The next moment, a most thrilling symphony reverberated through the sky. Countless sparks and gusts of wind emanated from the golden blade and cyan-black Great Killing Sword as they collided together.



"Metallic Mutant!"

he shouted. His eyes turned golden!

Golden lights around him were absorbed into his body-- from his skin to his muscles, blood, bones, and even his spiritual meridian.

Starting from his head, everything turned golden! His hair, skin, and his eyes-- just like when Ricky exerted Nine-degree Body!

This was not a change catalyzed by cultivation, but instead by blood power.

The blood power of Kinsey made his body strong and exceptional. With an indestructible body, it was like he had cultivated a powerful body refining cultivation method.

"Metallic Mutant! This is unexpected! What a surprise. I've heard a mutant can be extremely destructive and super defensive at the same time!" Ricky murmured in a low voice.

He instantly grew more worried about Grace.

"A mutant! Kinsey is indeed a genius with the blood power of innate spirit!" The crowd began to murmur again, seeing Kinsey was like a golden god of carnage. "Under such conditions, Grace has a slim chance of winning!"

"Not necessarily! Grace is a member of the most noble family in the Snow Land. Perhaps she could also be a mutant."

"That's impossible! Her family has already declined several generations ago. There couldn't be another genius mutant. Otherwise, Zenith, Boris, and her father, the mysterious Odin, would have been!"

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