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   Chapter 417 Crazy Ellison

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Howl! Howl!

Five dragons with runic lines moved and their loud roars echoed throughout the atmosphere. It would have most definitely smelled like death in the area.

"The Killing Weapon-Fivefold Dragon's Breath!"

Ellison yelled once more with his palms facing up. And in a snap, five dragons with threatening runic lines wrapped around their bodies appeared. The dragons lifted their heads and roared with anger after absorbing endless power of nature and array. After the display of power, they all finally turned into ballistic balls of power that glowed with energy.

These five livid balls of power rushed to Ricky from five different directions. They wanted to kill him. In a blink of an eye, all of the balls swooped toward Ricky in all directions leaving trails of powerful energy in their tails. The balls did not withhold anything since they all eyed for one goal--to destroy Ricky and send him to his death.

Ricky, on the other hand, had already sensed that these balls of power were surprisingly stronger than the Ninefold Dragon's Breath. He also realized that the powerful balls of energy were as strong as his attack.

"Ellison, you only send five of your patterned dragons to attack me. Aren't you being a little too proud?" Ricky said as he locked eyes with Ellison. Contempt ran through his tone's vibrations.

"It seems like you've grown fond of making my body a puppet. But today, you'll know how strong my body is! Prepare for resistance!" Ricky replied obnoxiously.

Boom! Boom! And in a split second, Ricky's gold-laid body shone again with blinding light as if it wanted to reach the far end of space.

"What you are now seeing is his cultivation method of body refining. But does he want to resist the Ninefold King-slaughtering Array with this specific method?" the spectators whispered and discussed with one another after seeing Ricky activate his cultivation method to its peak.

"I don't know. My lucky guess is that maybe he'll resist it with his cultivation method of body refining. I heard that his cultivation method of body refining was the strongest and the most brilliantly-done in the Snow Sect. He's a living legend, a true one of a kind warrior. Ask the people of the Snow Sect. They know him well."

"But this time, I think Ellison's array is much stronger than the previous Puppets Array."


"How dare you belittle me!" Ellison shouted at the top of his lungs and with a sinister look on his face when he saw that Ricky only activated the cultivation of body refining. He was deeply offended by Ricky's action.

"Try me. I'll think about gathering up all my energy after you use all of your dragons," Ricky replied in a calm tone.

As he replied, Ricky had

the most shocked man of all. He could still not believe on what had just happened.

His eyes were full of resentment and madness.

And without saying a word, Ellison suddenly activated the Ninefold King-slaughtering Array and his dragons with livid runic lines flew again.

Meanwhile, two drops of blood essence rose from the gap between Ellison's eyebrows and began to fly towards the dragons. Then, the drops of blood landed on the dragons that he had summoned.

"You can only activate up to five dragons. Otherwise, you wouldn't have risked your life to use two drops of blood essence," Ricky muttered under his breath as he saw what Ellison had done.

He had already known why Ellison had activated five dragons at his first attack. That was because he was only able to activate five dragons in fact. He was not an arrogant man.

"Seven Dragons Attack! Killing Sword!"

Ellison roared once more and ignored what Ricky had said. He was so adamant on killing Ricky that no other thing mattered to him anymore. He then channeled up all of his energy and aimed at Ricky.

Next, seven dragons roared and turned into balls of power all at the same time.

After that, balls of energy fused in the center of seven dragons. Then, these balls of energy suddenly morphed into a big sword full of livid lines. It seemed that this sword was formed with endless slaughters.

"Go! Go shred that son of a bitch into pieces. I will kill you this time, Ricky!"

Ellison shouted angrily. He then gazed at Ricky and changed the motion of his hands to control the Great Killing Sword. He did charged up so that he could finish Ricky with one strike.

Crack! Crack!

Cracks were heard everywhere as it destroyed everything it met and in a split second, it appeared over Ricky's head, ready to drop and kill him.

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