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   Chapter 416 Ninefold King-slaughtering Array

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7876

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The ten golden lights emitted and completely surrounded Ricky.


At this moment, the buzzing resounded loudly and covered the entire area. The ten golden lights then fused with the strong emitting power of massacre.

The ten golden lights turned into ten huge golden fingers that were at least forty feet long.

The strongest massacring power anyone had ever seen emitted from the ten huge fingers.

These ten golden fingers were none other than the new Omnipotent Skill--the Impregnable Killing Finger which Ricky comprehended and combined with the Massacring Golden Palm in the Massacring Zone.

The Impregnable Killing Finger was based on the strong massacring power and was fused with the greatest power of killing to create its overwhelmingly explosive power. The Impregnable Killing Finger had the most explosive strength when cracked with the sealing power.

The power's source of the Ninefold Dragon's Breath Ellison burst out from the strong seal array and Ricky knew it was the best way for him to launch the strong power of massacring against it.

At the same time, he burst out his Heaven Slaughtering Fire and the Massacring Fire to amplify the killing and strengthen the power of the Impregnable Killing Fingers.


The next moment, nine golden fingers crashed into the Ninefold Dragon's Breath and the blasts spread all over the place.

And the last golden finger rushed towards Ellison's chest. The power of the Ninefold Dragon's Breath was based on the sealing array while the sealing array was based on Ellison.

Ricky knew that his ultimate target had to be Ellison.

If there were any warriors with strong sensations, they would certainly know that the golden finger that attacked Ellison contained much more force than the other nine golden fingers.

"You want to destroy my sealing array? You can only wish!" Looking at the gold finger rushing towards him, Ellison said in a cold voice.

The black runic lines on his forehead burst out once again and fused with his spiritual energy. They created layers of defense arrays to withstand the attack from the Impregnable Killing Finger.

But it was not until he resisted the finger that he discovered that it truly was the strongest power of massacring.

His defense arrays was completely destroyed by the burning of the Massacring Fire and the Hea

oticing at all.

At that moment, Ricky realized that the array must have been deployed by Ellison when he burst out the Ninefold Dragon's Breath. He could tell because the nine starting points of the array were the places where the nine puppets stood.


"How dreadful this Ellison is! He can deploy such strong arrays filled with immense killing power without anyone noticing." The warriors around them all exclaimed with surprised looks on their faces.

"There is no doubt that this array is at the advanced stage of the Demi-king Level! The power of killing that the array is emitting is truly terrifying."


"Ricky, this array is called the Ninefold King-slaughtering Array. It has evolved from the king-level array--the King-slaughtering Array, and it's also a great gift that I myself prepared for your tragic death," Ellison threatened him with a rough voice as he turned into a man pervaded with black runic patterns.

"It should be a real bother for you that you have to kill me. Did you really think you could defeat me with a single array?" Ricky responded with a cold voice.

Even if Ricky had a little scruple about the Ninefold King-slaughtering Array, he was still full of confidence and fighting spirit.

"Your body shall be the first corpse displayed in my Ninefold King-slaughtering Array!" Ellison shouted in confidence, completely ignoring Ricky's arrogance.

And the next moment, the dragons coiling on the Ninefold King-slaughtering Array slithered.

An endless power of killing then rushed towards these dragons.

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