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   Chapter 415 Ninefold Dragon's Breath Versus Impenetrable Killing Finger

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"Boom! Boom!"

The strong wave generated from the clash was quickly absorbed by Ricky's devouring power. He had secretly erupted his power of devouring rune!

The peculiar Devouring Fire began to embrace Ricky's body, layer by layer, and combined with the devouring runes.

Next, a Devouring Storm formed by the devouring power struck at the puppets from eight directions. Meanwhile, Ricky himself aimed at the water-attributed puppet which had attacked him first. In a veil of golden light, Ricky gathered his power and once again launched Scorching Golden Fist.

Ellison had meant to first test his opponent's strength, which gave Ricky the chance to destroy one puppet into pieces unexpectedly. Now that Ricky had found a chink in Ellison's armor, he planned to annihilate the puppets one by one.

But Ellison was also an experienced warrior of genius. He easily saw through Ricky's tactics.

''Don't even try that, Ricky! This time I'll show you no mercy!'' Ellison threatened.

He manipulated his puppets to gather energy from the runic lines and then sent them to collide with Ricky's devouring energy.

Ellison had already added the sealing array to his puppets ahead of time. So, when the puppets attacked Ricky, their strength was reinforced by the sealing power.

Ricky's devouring energy could only barely fend off Ellison's moves. Once Ellison used the sealing power, his devouring energy was completely overwhelmed and fell apart at the first blow.

The puppets then charged towards Ricky, striking him.

Ricky was besieged immediately. Now it would be totally impossible for him to destroy the puppets one by one. After realizing this, Ricky abandoned his first strategy and directly stood in the middle of the puppets.

'I have to admit that It's painstaking for me to fight with nine puppets simultaneously. So is this his plan? Wait until my energy has become exhausted with the puppets? They are not able to kill me but are strong enough to wear me out, ' Ricky quickly mused.

ling energy continuously intruding into his body.

'Fine, whatever. I'm also tired of all this sparring. We'll see to whom the victory belongs once I make my next move.'

Massacring runes began to encircle Ricky. He planned to fight against the sealing power with his impenetrable killing power!

''Power Awakening-Ninefold Dragon's Breath!''

Ellison roared. Strengthened by the intense energy from the space, the puppets integrated with the array and launched their attack instantly.

The puppets opened their mouths, releasing nine dragons who struck at Ricky from all directions with their runic power.

Ricky could imagine that if they managed to land a blow, he would temporarily lose all his power and be strangled to death.

''Try this!'' Ricky said coolly.

His intense killing power flew to Ellison's sealing power, attempting to overpower it.

''Omnipotent Skill-Impregnable Killing Finger!'' Ricky roared. His eyes turned completely golden, shooting out bright beams.

All the golden power and massacring runes gathered onto Ricky's fingers, causing an intense vibrating sound.

Then they rippled onto the whole competition platform, soon colliding with the sealing power.

Ricky reached out his fingers, releasing ten golden beams into the air. The other warriors' mouths dropped at this magnificent sight!

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