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   Chapter 414 Ninefold Puppet Array

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8029

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Boom! Boom!

One side was the extremely lethal power of the array while the other was the rage in the burning fire. The two sides collided with all their might as if two onrushes counterattacking each other which therefore caused quavering ripples to the immediate surroundings.

Neither of them had made an attack yet. However, they auras had yielded such a mighty collision, which demonstrated that both of them must respectfully be a phenomena in martial arts.

"Kinsey, let's end this, too. Let's find out who on earth is the mightier one in the Snow Sect," Grace invited Kinsey after seeing the collision between Ricky and Ellison.

Then, a shimmering curtain moved towards Kinsey's competition platform.

"Grace, among all those core disciples, you are the only one whom I cannot see through. Just as you mentioned, let's see who will win this showdown." With his whole body surrounded by rays of light, Kinsey accepted Grace's challenge.

At the next moment, Kinsey and Grace found themselves colliding with each other.

"Can this be called a civil war inside the Snow Sect of the Snow Land?" Other warriors seemed to forget that they were each other's opponents after seeing their superiors fight like this. They discussed in a probing manner, "I guess so. Doesn't Autelan belong to the Snow Sect? I remember that he used to be a prestigious genius in the Realm of Wildness. But now, he just disappears out of thin air."

"Who do you think will win this war?"


"It's time for you to show me your array and take out your puppets. Otherwise, in the rules of martial arts, you are not my opponent even though you have already reached the peak of the demi-immortal level." Ricky moved forward slowly and imposed.

As his feet slowly managed to move forward, the golden aura beneath him became brighter and brighter.

He would never look down on Ellison's capabilities. So as soon as Ellison started his attack, he would also exert all of his strength.

At the same time, Ellison felt the same way. What Ricky had said was indeed true though he would never admit it. In terms of martial arts skills, he could only be regarded as ordinary but it was the array and the puppets that gave him enough advantage.

At the next minute, Ellison's arms of stronghold were jolted and his sleeves were broken into pieces.

It could be observed that Ellison's arms were fully cove

rthrown? I would even turn them into ruins!" Ricky commented boastfully.

As Ellison declared that he would turn him into his puppet again and again, Ricky's patience was running thin. He couldn't help but burst out his annoyance in disgust in response to Ellison's remark.

"You just don't have the ability!" Ellison was adding fuel to the fire and gave Ricky a sneer.

Then, Ellison instructed his puppets to attack once more.

Suddenly, the livid line beyond the water attribute puppet exploded. Boundless rage of water was lifted and then rushed towards the competition platform, submerging it in mighty current.

"Palm of Water!"

The next moment, the water attribute puppet soared into the sky and casted out a big palm. The huge palm of water poured down from the sky and then fell directly to Ricky.

At the same time, the livid line spread all over the space again and then wrapped the palm of water, continuously inducing power into it.

Nevertheless, the other eight puppets were keeping still. Ellison was just trying to test Ricky's strength.

'Test me? Alright, I will show you how I crush this puppet into pieces!' Ricky thought to himself while plotting his revenge.

Ricky summoned all his strength to exert his promising Fire Cloud Fist. The moment his energy reached its peak, the Fire Cloud Fist which gathered the power of four bursts of fire dashed out and collided with the palm of water.


The collision between water and fire was certainly incompatible. In an earthshaking roar, the whole competition platform was submerged both in water and fire.

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