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   Chapter 413 Greatest Battle

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"Ricky, you are so confident and are also Kristen's friend, but I refuse to just hand over the final dragon meridian to you," Hoffman replied with a strong fighting spirit.

Ricky was so powerful that Hoffman saw him as an equal opponent.

"Ha-ha, see you in the great dragon meridian!" Ricky grinned. He also let out some power in response to Hoffman's.


Seeing Ricky reciprocate his competitive gesture, Hoffman laughed and proceeded inside the great dragon meridian accompanied by some warriors of the Imperial Palace of Wildness.

Ricky and his companions did not hesitate to follow them in right away.

After Elder Evan and his comrades, who were warriors with dragon meridians under ninety feet long, entered the great dragon meridian, they arrived in a huge Fortune Pond.

"Looks like we've stumbled upon the Fortune Pond! Our dragon meridians can entirely be transformed into our own fortunes only after we bathe in the Fortune Rain, which falls only here in this pond," many warriors said excitedly, eager to have the opportunity.

This had been their ultimate goal for their quest in the Fortune Land. Now, they had achieved it! Though many of them were not satisfied with the length of their dragon meridians, it was better than failing and dying, like other unfortunate warriors.


The misty rain began to fall in the whole Fortune Pond. The misty rain fell on their dragon meridians, transforming them slowly from intangible to tangible.

At this moment, they felt not only the fortune which the dragon meridian was changing into, but also the existence of their own inherent fortune in their bodies. Using the power of their minds, they found that the mist that surrounded the inside of their flesh was their original fortune!

"Everybody, take your time. The Fortune Rain can help us not just with transforming the dragon meridians into our own fortune, but also benefitting our comprehension of the innate realm," a few warriors reminded their comrades excitedly.

"The Fortune Rain only

t one who is so arrogant," Ellison said coldly. He accepted Ricky's challenge readily, his eyes growing narrow in annoyance.

"Arrogant? Humph! That's what you think. I have never offended you all along. It was your choice to join Boris and his league of fools," Ricky retorted coldly.

Then Ricky jumped to Ellison's competition platform through the light curtain.

"Who is he? He dares to accept Ricky's challenge!" other talents and powerful beasts murmured, rather confused at what was happening.

They had no idea who Ellison was.

"I have no idea. I just heard that he is an array deployer who was with Kinsey. Apparently, he is quite powerful."

"Last time I failed to make you into a puppet. This time you won't be as lucky!" Ellison snarled ferociously, his momentum bursting out.

In a flash, black waves permeated over his whole body. And the power of his array erupted around him.

"An array deployer at the Demi-king Level!" the warriors all exclaimed.

They were surprised to see him. At his level, he was equivalent to a casting master at the Demi-spirit Level!


"Ha-ha, last time you didn't succeed, and this time I'm sure you will fail again. Because no one has ever survived twice, not from me,"

Ricky laughed loudly as he propelled fire all over the whole competition platform and crashed the power of the array.

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