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   Chapter 412 The Great Fortune Dragon Meridian.

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Updated: 2019-10-18 14:45

At that moment, they couldn't believe their eyes!

"How could this bastard have tied with Sham?" Kinsey and Ellison howled in disbelief.

"We must kill this bastard as quickly as possible!" Their eyes met, and they made a resolution to kill Ricky before he had the chance to escape. They wondered if a battle in the Fortune Land would be their last chance to kill Ricky. If Ricky managed to get out of the Fortune Land after cultivating at such a great rate, they would probably become defenseless lambs at Ricky's mercy by the time they met him again.

Sham was totally astonished. He was fully aware of the power of his sword because, whenever Sham drew his sword and thrust it at his rivals, no one among the younger generation except Hoffman had the ability to counter-attack against him.

Ricky shocked him by somehow being able to match his blow. How could Sham keep his composure under such pressure?

Hoffman had not really figured out why Ricky had decided to fight head-to-head with him until that moment. The obvious answer was that Ricky had confidence in his own strength. The whole situation didn't seem to make sense. Ricky was only at the highest level of the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement, so how could he be so strong?

They had already learned that Ricky could challenge rivals that were two levels higher than him without it being too much of a risk. When Ricky under-took those challenges, he had been at the eighth grade of Bone Reinforcement, and not the ninth grade. After reaching the ninth grade, it became very difficult for warriors to challenge rivals that were two levels higher than them.

There was a major qualitative difference between the level of a demi-immortal and the levels of Bone Reinforcement.

At the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement, Ricky really could still challenge his rivals that were two levels higher than him. That was something that was really breathtaking and horrifying to others!

'Ricky, you have not let me down. Although I am unwilling to accept it, I still have to admit that you are unquestionably a genius!' Hoffman thought to himself in that moment. He felt a wave of emotions well up within him just then.

"Sham, you people from the Endless Shadow have been hunting me for a long time, but now it's time for me to get my pay-back for that," Ricky said admonishingly as he turned around to face Sham.

"As the highest ranking assassin of the Endless Shadow, if you are killed here,

ry up and take it for ourselves. We can't see what the original fortune inside our bodies look like until we are inside the fortune dragon meridian," the warriors exclaimed excitedly upon seeing the great dragon meridian. They all forgot about the battle between Ricky and Sham in their excitement.

A moment later, they all rushed towards the entrance of the great dragon meridian, like a swarm of bees.

Ricky and Sham suddenly became calm and composed. They both knew that if they continued to fight, they would miss that once-in-a-century opportunity, and it was not worth that sacrifice.

"I will kill you inside of the great dragon meridian!" Sham shouted before he retreated towards the great dragon meridian with the other members of the Endless Shadow.

"Go ahead and try it!" Ricky replied coldly.

At the same moment, Ricky looked at Kinsey and Ellison before saying, "Remember, I will be the one to kill you inside the great dragon meridian." Ricky's demeanor was so cold.

"Humph!" Kinsey and Ellison replied coldly, "You've got it wrong on who will kill who! We're going to kill you inside the great dragon meridian, so you don't have a chance!"

Kinsey and Ellison also stepped into the great dragon meridian. They had no fear of Ricky, after all.

"It's our turn to enter the dragon meridian," Ricky said.

"Ricky, when you step into the great dragon meridian, everything will be all up to you!" Elder Evan reminded.

"You are so powerful now, so we won't really need to worry about you anymore."

"Elder Evan, you can rest assured; the ultimate dragon meridian will be mine in the end," Ricky said confidently.

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