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   Chapter 411 The Clash With Sham

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"Ha-ha, this is too flattering. I see that you are the one I've heard about from all over the Realm of Wildness. I've been waiting to meet you for a long time now." Hoffman smiled when he saw Ricky.

There was appreciation in his eyes. He was a genius at the same level, so he could feel the extraordinary aura oozing from Ricky. As for the quality, Ricky was able to make friends with Tyson and Kristen, so there should be no problem in that regards.

"I hope I haven't disappointed you!" Ricky said.

"You haven't yet," Hoffman said.

"You really think that I'm too afraid to make a move now?" Sham shouted after seeing that Ricky and the others weren't even worried about what he could do.

Boom! In that moment, Sham's power field had just peaked. It was spreading and turning into many invisible swords as if it could cut time and space into pieces, killing everything it touched.

"Ha-ha, now that you've asked me, let's fight and see who the greatest genius in the Realm of Wildness really is." Hearing what Sham said, Hoffman began to utilize his power. The power surged through his body as he was prepared to use it.

Then, the power turned into invisible fists before they confronted Sham's sword attacks. A collision between the two of them was imminent.

Although Hoffman had contempt for Sham, he had to admit that Sham was the only one who was neck and neck with him in a real fight among the younger generation in the Realm of Wildness.

If it weren't for the difference in their beliefs and personal qualities, he might even befriend with Sham.

That whole idea was just hypothetical though. They were destined to be the sworn enemy of each other, and there was no way to change it.

"Hoffman, I am the one who started this, so let me be the one to fight this battle," Ricky cut in.

Grace and Elder Evan remained calm while the rest of them were stunned by what Ricky said.

'Does he know who Sham is?' Kinsey and Ellison exchanged a look as the same question went through their minds. Sham was a genius that they had to be cautious of, but Ricky was casually looking for a fight with him. The challenge sounded like a death wish to them.


s as they surrounded Sham's strange shadow.

"BOOM!" The two forces clashed and everything was swallowed up by the air current.

'What a strong clash! That Flame Torrent seems to have combined different kinds of fire power. Ricky sure is something special. He is not just strong when it comes to his momentum after all, ' Hoffman thought to himself after seeing them clash.

Boom! Two figures glided passing each other and fell hard onto the ground through the shattered space.

The two figures were Sham and Ricky, but their places had been switched when they went past each other.

They both seemed a little beat up after that, but both of their momentums had peaked. A golden glow came from Ricky's body and clashed against the fire around him. He used his Nine-degree Body Refining when he clashed with Sham.

Ricky knew that he couldn't afford to be overconfident against an opponent like Sham.

Sham was also covered in spiritual energy that had transformed from the aura of death. He had quickly realized that Ricky was a tough one to fight against when they clashed.

"How can it be? It's a tie!" All the warriors murmured among themselves. They could see it, yet they were still having difficulty believing it.

Kinsey and Ellison were having the hardest time believing it. They looked incredulous and ferocious at the development.

How could Ricky gain such power in such a short time? His power was almost on par with theirs.

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