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   Chapter 410 Hoffman

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When the attack came, it felt like there was nothing striking about it. But when the energy burst out of Sham's body, the expanse was swaddled by murderous intent. The air became malodorous -- putrid and reminiscent of death.

'He must have killed countless people, ' Ricky thought. 'Otherwise, he couldn't have possessed such a strong murderous intent.'

Considering that Ricky had the massacring power, he was still caught off guard with the killing intent Sham was exuding.

'There were rumors that Sham was the best killer among the Endless Shadow. It seems fitting. As a demi-immortal, he possesses such strong murderous intent. He even overshadowed my massacring power, ' Ricky mused.

However, coward was the last word on Ricky's vocabulary. He was not going to be sitting around waiting on his doom. The infernal flames roared behind Ricky as he clenched his fists, ready to resist Sham's attack.

"Hah-hah! Sham! You Endless Shadows are still so arrogant!" Suddenly, a loud laughter boomed out of nowhere. Then, a fast-moving figure flashed before Sham.

His leg swept like a whip. The figure warded off Sham's attack for Ricky.

Then, a man, clad in red and yellow robes, appeared in front of them.

The young man had an aura that typically belonged to powerful warriors. Just like Sham, he had an energy that demanded to be the center of attention whenever he appeared.

Although they carried similarities in their aura in terms of its broadness and potency, there was a striking difference between Sham and the young man: the man's aura seemed to be more kind and amiable.

The two warriors were in sharp contrast with each other. Sham was a person to be cowered from because of his strong murderous intent. On the other hand, the young man was greatly admired by others because of his natural charisma.

This was how Ricky felt about the warriors.

'His strength is also at Sham's level. He also bears the same strong aura as Sham. He must be Hoffman, the genius of the Imperial Palace of Wildness, ' Ricky contemplated. He figured out the identity of the young man.

Hoffman of the Imperial Palace of Wildness was the most powerful genius among his peers. As a

ention this to you before. Hoffman has been courting Kristen for six years now! You have to beware!" Tyson warned Ricky through his internal power.

"Oh, really? But what does this have anything to do with me?" Ricky queried, puzzled by this information. "I'm glad that someone cares for Kristen. Hoffman is an admirable warrior. Why should I beware of him?"

"Stop pretending, dude. I know you!" Tyson muttered, frustrated with Ricky's answer. "I can tell that Kristen likes you more than Hoffman. She just considers him as a friend.

You have to grasp the opportunity. If you give Kristen to Hoffman, I will never forgive you."

"Tyson, why are you pushing this so hard? You are a warrior, not a matchmaker," Ricky said, shaking his head in amusement. Tyson was really pushing him hard.

"Of course I'm not a matchmaker! I'm just concerned about you!" Tyson flushed.

"Fine, I get it. Let's just drop it for now. Tell me, what kind of person is Hoffman?" Ricky probed.

"Well, he is a definitely a good person and a decent friend. Despite being a powerful warrior and having a strong background, he never used his capabilities to oppress others.

Kristen won't take notice of him if he's not a worthy individual."

"If that's the case, I'd like to be friends with him," Ricky stated.

With that, he approached Hoffman and said, "Thanks for your help. I've heard a lot about you. It's nice to finally have the chance to meet you in person."

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