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   Chapter 409 Sham

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"Let's go, master. I'm very curious on how this ultimate Fortune Land looks like. Would you like to come and see it with me? I heard that a lot of people settle their feuds in that area," Ricky asked the other Elders as curiosity enveloped his mind.

Upon hearing Ricky's engaging invitation, his master and the elders agreed and walked faster than they had to. All of them walked briskly toward the central zone of the famous Fortune Land.

Meanwhile, Ricky and Grace's dragon meridians had already reached more than ninety-one feet long in length. They were really excited to know that they could finally go on to the final step. This also meant that they were already qualified to compete and fight for their most awaited last dragon meridian. It was a good thing that their ninety-one feet long dragon meridians were not acquired by only killing fortune beasts. If not, then they could be disqualified from fighting for the last dragon meridian.

But their journey wasn't as smooth as they thought. During the time when they hunted for fortune beasts, there was a time that they had encountered a swarm of warriors and beasts that attempted to rob them of their belongings. But as Grace and Ricky were trained and skilled warriors, they all had the last laugh. They ended up robbing the intruders in the end for they were no match for their strength.

On the other hand, Elder Evan's and the rest of the Elders' dragon meridians had not achieved the ninety-foot mark. But they had other plans in mind and they did not give a rat's ass about it. They never cared about the length of their dragon meridians for they were never that enthusiastic to put themselves into the endgame.

They came here for a simpler goal, which was getting some fortune and lengthening their longevity spams. Then, having gained both of them, their journey was complete.

All they needed to do now was to accompany Ricky and Grace on their journey so that when they needed the Elders' help, they were ready to fight alongside them.

As the days went by, they stumbled upon an increasing number of warriors and beasts who had the same destination as them--the final Fortune Land.

Most of the warriors that they met along the way knew Ricky. But since Ricky and the Elders were far too powerful for them to fight, they just ignored them and went their way. After all they found the final Fortune Land way more valuable than Ricky's famous spiritual space tool.

And there were also some rude and arrogant ones who went straight for Ricky and attempted to rob him of the spiritual space tool.

Ricky had no time to spare and fool around with the idiots who wanted to take his precious tool. And so without thinking twice, he mercilessly killed anyone who stopped them in their tracks.

No one was mentally and physically able to confront Ricky, not even the leading geniuses and the old dogs of the martial arts.

With all the neck slashing that Ricky did to whoever bothered them along the way, people and warriors got scared. These killings posed a great threat and sin

time around?" Kinsey responded with a proud smirk on his face, moving his eyes toward Sham.

Hearing so, all warriors collected themselves from that strong wave of power that was brought about the exchange of dialogue between the two warriors. Suddenly, all their focus now was on Ricky and Sham. Nobody moved a muscle. They instantly thought that another fight could brew between the two geniuses.

As expected, Sham's bulky body rushed toward Ricky, instigating his alpha character. " must be Ricky, the genius? I have two options for you. One, you hand over the spiritual space tool so that nobody gets hurt or two, you and your friends will go to an all-expense paid trip to hell," Sham demanded in a cold voice.

His words were imposing and very alarming.

'Ha-ha! It's Ricky's last day on earth. Too bad that the efforts of the old rats would just be in vain!' Kinsey sneered secretly as he tried to contain his evil laughter. Ellison and Kinsey both wanted to keep Ricky to themselves and tear him to pieces, but of course, they could not just ignore the fact that the 'old rats', as Kinsey referred to them, were still of utmost strength.

And this complication made him form an alliance with Sham.

He thought highly of the spiritual space tool, even worshiped it, but deep in his heart, he wanted to see a pale and lifeless Ricky more than anything.

"The celebrated Sham of the Endless Shadow? I have heard that you were irresistible in the whole Realm of Wildness. But I think I owe you an apology, because in my dictionary, the word 'conform' cannot be found," Ricky responded indifferently.

"Oh, and you said that you have always admired and wanted my spiritual space tool, huh? Come and get it if you can, you bastard."

"How fucking dare you!" Sham responded coldly.

Soon, the atmosphere was stuffed with a murderous air. Suddenly, a black kind of spiritual energy hurriedly surged on Sham's right palm. And in a snap, a saber blade appeared and slashed toward Ricky's neck like a lightning bolt.

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