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   Chapter 408 Appearance Of The Final Fortune Land

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"Remember that almost all of the warriors in the Fortune Land can't wait to get their hands on your spiritual space tool! You must be careful. If you expose yourself in any manner, I'm afraid that all eyes would be on you and you'll be a definite target. We both know that they would not give up on the chance of getting it from you," Grace continued to persuade Ricky not to do what he was thinking.

"I can't promise you that we can fight alongside each other. It's because I think that even if we do fight together, we might not be able to handle the kind of situation thrown at us even with Elder Evan and the others coming to the rescue.

I know well enough that you can challenge people stronger than you, but the thing is, your powers are not strong enough to compete with demi-immortal warriors. But also know that I won't stop you if ever you break into the stage of demi-immortal. But you haven't reached the stage of demi-immortal, so just forget about it,"

Grace said in a serious tone.

Upon hearing what Grace had to say, Ricky fell silent. He knew deep inside of him that Grace was right about it.

"Master, I do apologize for the cockiness that I have been showing. It's just that my powers are rapidly increasing and I can't help but become a bit irritable and braggy about my strength. Please do know that I am deeply sorry for how I act. I hope you forgive me," Ricky apologized with all sincerity after realizing and admitting his mistakes.

"Ricky, you should be proud of what you have achieved. It's not a laughing matter of how quickly you have progressed on this journey. I know it has not been easy on you. But remember not to be arrogant about it. Kinsey's power is a force to be reckoned with and is not weaker than mine. And besides, Ellison would not be an easy competitor since he came from one of the Eight Forces," Grace said as he lectured Ricky.

"You might have escaped the last time, but to be honest, it was because he never saw you as an opponent. Just after that would you have the chance to wait for Soar to break the array.

Last, but not the least, pride is very different from arrogance, Ricky."

"Yes, master, I understand." Ricky nodded and lowered his head a bit as he acknowledged his master's words.

"We share the same sentiments. I would also want to stab Kinsey and Ellison into a million pieces and kill them right now if you ask me. But I also know that this is not the right time for that. Why, you ask? It's because I firmly believe that you are not ready for this yet. You are not powerful enough for this mess," Grace said. "So for the meantime, I would want you to hide and continue to cultivate first."

She added, "Don't worry. It won't be too late to take revenge after the final place shows up."

"You're right. And right now, all we can do is to hunt fortune beasts and search for the Lands of Legacy," Ricky nodded as he understood what his master was trying to say.


And for the next several days, Ricky and Grace made a pact to share the same goals. One was to hunt fortune beasts and cultivate their dragon meridians, and the other one was to follow the map embedded in their memories and search for a place where the Land of Legacy might pop up.

During this time of self-improvement, they have both cultivated and enhanced their powers. Day and night, they cultivated their powers and hunted fortune beasts and nothing stopped them from achieving the peak of what their powers could give

espective cultivation refinements.

Then they got some information about Kinsey and Ellison from Elder Evan. From what they know, Kinsey and Ellison had gotten the chance in one of the Lands of Legacy and had had powered up their peak of the stage of demi-immortal.

Ricky was not surprised with the news that he heard, because after all, he knew that they were also talented warriors in their field. With the use of the legacy acquired from the Land of Legacy, it was deemed for the aforementioned warriors to have made such progress in their respective cultivation.

But there was one thing Ricky was quite worried about. He remembered the connection that Kinsey and Ellison had with the killers of the Endless Shadow. And this was rendered as a complication for the whole team.

"I'm afraid that they have already made deal with the killers of the Endless Shadow to fight against us. This could pose as a big problem for us, if you'd ask me," Ricky said to the group in a worried voice.

"Hmm. Your theory could be plausible. After all, the Endless Shadow had always wanted to capture you," Grace said. "Most especially your spiritual space tool, Ricky. We all know that it's the most powerful weapon that any killer could get his hands on."

"I know and understand that we would have some trouble in dealing with them, but I would like all of you to know that I have changed. I'm not the Ricky that you once knew. Now, I could definitely withstand any attack that they could throw at my face," Ricky said in a chilly voice with a murderous look. "Let's just fix all of this mess in the final Fortune Land."


Days went by and half a month had passed when the fortune in Fortune Land increased at such a rapid speed. It was a clear sign that the final Fortune Land was about to emerge soon. But apart from this, it was also a sign that the last dragon meridian, also known as the ultimate dragon meridian would finally emerge.

"Attention. As far as we all are concerned, the final Fortune Land is about to show up anytime soon. Both of you should be prepared by now!" Elder Evan warned them seriously after having felt the changes in the land.

"Yes, we will, Elder Evan."

And in no time, all of them faced the center of the Fortune Land where the fortune gathered and multiplied relentlessly.

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