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   Chapter 407 Time For Revenge

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"Relax. I am fine!" Ricky said with a smile to assure Grace and the others as he saw their look of concern.

Felicia was still in the process of taking in legacy, so she would be out for a while.

Everyone's eyes then turned to the dragon meridian which was astoundingly sixty feet long.

"Ricky, did you kill Seth?" Brent asked incredulously while looking at this dragon meridian. The others, including Grace, could not hide their shock too.

Even with large Wind Hole and body refining cultivation method, it was really unlikely for Ricky to be able to kill Seth.

"Of course I killed him. Otherwise, I could not walk out of there." Ricky smirked. He stopped concealing his power and the flair of the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement showed from his body immediately.

"How could it be? It was just a couple of hours, and you managed to make a breakthrough?" Noting that Ricky had achieved the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement, Brent and others were looking more surprised or rather stunned.

Grace was less shocked as she had seen many times how Ricky achieved breakthrough as if it was nothing.

With a lot of questions, these people were still curious about what happened to Ricky in there.

"It was a Small World created by a demi-spiritual emperor and his casting legacy was in there," Ricky stated.

"I knew it! But I still can't believe that it is a casting legacy from a demi-spiritual emperor!" Although they might had guessed it right, Brent and others were still in shock. "And what about the level of his casting legacy?"

They all stared at Ricky with jealousy.

Felicia had achieved the legacy from a completed spiritual king, but it was nothing compared that of a demi-spiritual emperor. It went without saying that they weren't really jealous of Ricky. They wouldn't be alive without Ricky, let alone taking the legacy.

On the other hand, only casting masters were able to enter this little world of the demi-spiritual emperor so this was Ricky's very own opportunity.

"As a casting master, his level was close to Demi-sage Level," stated Ricky.

However, he didn't mention the part wherein

But we seem to have forgotten something." Ricky grew serious, his eyes filled with intent to kill.

"You mean Kinsey, Ellison, and Elder Logan?" Feeling Ricky's lethal intent, Grace expressed the same look on her face.

"That's right. It's them! I remembered how he kicked my ass in my time at the King-slaughtering Array. Now that I have the power of the demi-immortal, it's time for my revenge." Ricky was brimming with mixed emotions.

"I never have thought of you as someone who would hold on to his grudge." Hearing how Ricky reacted, Grace laughed.

"Ha-ha, you, of all people, should know that I always hold on to my grudge." Ricky smirked. "But it's difficult to find these two people."

"Indeed. Fortune Land is vast. Even with the power of the demi-immortal power, it is not easy to find a specific person in a short span of time." Grace agreed.

They both started thinking about finding Kinsey and Ellison.

"Master, how about this? I will try to draw some attention," Ricky suggested. "Now every warrior and beast in the Fortune Land is taking an interest in me. If I continue keeping a high-profile, my location will be exposed.

Also, Kinsey and Ellison are definitely looking for me. Once they know my whereabouts, they will walk right into it, saving me the time to find them."

"If we do it the way you want, I think you will be the one walking right into their trap," Grace replied coldly.

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