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   Chapter 406 The Curtain Fell

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Golden rays started to erupt from Ricky's chest as he yelled in anger. A strong buzz reverberated all throughout the entire area as a result of this commotion. This, however, did not stop the deadly massacring runes that went around the atmosphere.

"Go! Massacring Golden Palm!"

Ricky moved and slapped his hand into the air. Alas, the golden light of the massacring rune turned into a massive palm in a snap. Out of nowhere, it descended slowly from the heavens and landed on to Seth with a powerful force.

Ricky knew that Seth had the mutant power so he would never underestimated his opponent even though he was obviously slightly stronger than Seth. And as the saying described, the lion should use its full strength to catch a rabbit. This meant that there was no little and no big problem--anyone should use his best to solve even a minor problem. Ricky innately lived what the saying meant and used all of his strength in defeating such a minuscule opponent. He then combined his ultimate powers into one palm and infused it with the Massacring Golden Palm. But he did not finish his overpowered attack. He added more to what he had. He then combined his powers with two aggressively deadly forces-- the Massacring Fire and the Heaven Slaughtering Fire.

Seth, on the other hand, released the Explosive Scorching Holy Fire. This attack, however, got frightened at the sight of the combined forces of the Massacring Fire and the Heaven Slaughtering Fire. Seth's attack had its tail between its legs and it wanted to go back inside his body.

But the fact was that the power of the Explosive Scorching Holy Fire was comparably equal to that of the combined forces of the Massacring Fire and the Heaven Slaughtering Fire. But, it could also be taken into consideration that the rank of the sacred fire was always higher than that of the holy fire, just like how the dynamic was embedded in the blood of all living creatures. There could only be one power higher than the other.

'How is this possible? You also possess a fierce flame and it scares my Explosive Scorching Holy Fire! I can't believe this!' Seth wondered inwardly as he saw with his naked eyes what had happened.

But he could only think about it so much now that Ricky's Massacring Golden Palm was crushing his very core. Seth noticed from the power of the Massacring Golden Palm a sense of grave danger not only because of its intense damage to him, but also about the wreck it could cause to the golden rune.

"Explosive Scorching Shield!" Seth used up all his energy to perform his strongest power. Along with this, he released an intense runic power and combined it with the Explosive Scorching Holy Fire to create a powerful shield that transcended all over his body.

"Bang!!!" And in an instant, Ricky's Massacring Golden Palm crashed

Small World lay the grave of Ricky's other master, the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor. Ricky had the utmost disgust for the existence of a bastard like Seth. And he would not let anything, most especially such a filthy soul defile the sacred name of his master in this world.

Ricky then devoured Seth's dragon meridian, making his own dragon meridian grew to sixty feet long. And in this addition of length showed the power of the Great Dragon.

Ricky was lucky because with the help of his dragon meridian, he saw an abundance of fortune waving at his face.

"It's already sixty feet long, only thirty more feet from the ninety-feet-long dragon meridian," Ricky said to himself. "And it's a known fact that only the warrior with at least a ninety-feet-long dragon meridian will be qualified to fight for the ultimate dragon meridian.

It is said that those who successfully get the ultimate dragon meridian will get the strongest fortune in the Realm of Wildness!"

Ricky expected as his heart almost burst with excitement.

All of a sudden, Ricky knocked his head on the ground thrice to show his respect and gratitude to the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor before this world came to an end.

"It seems that the journey to the Wonderland is finally done. It's really breathtaking," Ricky sighed, looking back at the fact that he was almost killed by Seth.

"That only means I'm luckier than him!" Ricky explained to himself.

And then Ricky smashed the yellow spiritual energy jade that the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor had given him before. And in an instant, he appeared in the original Land of Legacy in the Sublimation Lake.

"Ricky! Finally, you are out!" Brent exclaimed as he and others were excited to see Ricky again. They were so relieved at the sight that their anxiety slowly disappeared.

Grace did not say any word, but her eager eyes expressed everything.

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