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   Chapter 405 Explosive Scorching Holy Fire

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Aside from Dora, Ricky finally saw another mutant.

Tina was very likely to be a mutant. But even if she was, Ricky still hadn't seen it. After all, Tina's blood power of innate spirit was even stronger.

Kristen was also a mutant, the one with Heaven Illuminating Eye. However, the bloody eyes couldn't yet be opened permanently. Therefore she couldn't be regarded as a genuine mutant.

'I never would have thought Seth is also a mutant. His body now exudes a power stronger than the Beast Fire but less than the sacred fire, ' Ricky pondered.

'Maybe Seth's mutant has a holy fire inside?'

Ricky may be surprised, but he didn't flinch one bit. He was ready to fight Seth head on. Despite the fact that Seth owned a mutant, Ricky remained unfazed. He was confident of his skill, recognizing the difference between his and opponent's strength.

As for the mutant, Ricky already owned three: the Devouring Mutant, the Chaotic Fire Mutant and the Massacring Mutant. On top of that, once the other zones of his spiritual meridian opened, he would definitely get more powers.

"You will still perish in my hands even if you own a mutant. This is your consequence for insulting my master," Ricky spat.

"Humph, you are nothing but a waste. How would someone like you know the power of the mutants?" Seth hissed back, breaking out his wrathful power. As he gathered his strength, he used it to slash Ricky.

Ricky did not back down. He also came in full force. The two warriors were interlocked in each other.

As Ricky used his golden arms against Seth's saber, continuous sounds of metal clashing reverberated throughout the whole place. Shades of golden and scarlet filled the whole place as their battle continued like a choreographed dance.

Ricky's body strength reached the level of the innate spirit through the help of the highest degree of the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula. With this alone, he was strong enough to withstand any weapons at the Demi-spirit Level.

By now, he had increased his realm and improved his fighting power. There was no need for him to worry if his spiritual energy would be sufficient to activate the Ninth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula for a long time. Ricky was confident he could take down Seth before using up all his spiritual energy.

However, combining the blood power of the mutant

ordered. "Go the hell, Ricky! Those who are against me must die!" Seth continuously shouted like a crazed man. Excitement filling his body as he watched the plethora of explosions all around him.

He was very pleased -- ecstatic, even. He was thinking that Ricky would definitely die after the explosion and that heritage of the demi-spiritual emperor would still belong to him.

However, just before Seth could finish his thoughts, golden lights surged up from the haze of smokes, golden runes surrounding the lights.

"How is that possible? Hasn't he died?" Seth was incredulous.

He then exploded his strongest power again without hesitation. The Explosive Scorching Holy Fire was unleashed to the extreme, flooding into the mass of flames.

However, everything he did was all for naught.

Ricky was now protected by his Ninth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula. Apart from that, he was also at the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement. At this level, only warriors with genuine innate powers could do some serious damage.

Under the massacring runes, the explosion waves instantly vanished. Then Ricky's golden figure showed up. He had his arms crossed in his chest, obviously sparing no effort to resist the series of explosions Seth threw in his way.

"It seems that the Explosive Scorching Holy Fire is nothing special. Or maybe it's just because you are too weak!" Ricky ridiculed him further. "You have disappointed me greatly. You had your turn. This time, I'm going to show you my power!

I will put an end to all this after this strike!"

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