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   Chapter 403 Ruin Fire

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"Ha-ha, even if you don't ask, I am afraid I'm still curious. Where exactly did you get the Heaven Illuminating Fire?" Hearing Ricky, the Ruin Demi-Spiritual Emperor smiled. "As far as I know, the Heaven Illuminating Fire can only be controlled by and preserved in the Heaven Illuminating Eye.

And now, not only are you in possession of the Heaven Illuminating Fire, you are also taking control of it without the Heaven Illuminating Eye. If that is indeed true, then something must have happened to you that is way beyond my imagination. The two other fires may also have something to do with it."

"You truly are the wise one." Ricky nodded in agreement.

"Mark my words, lad. You must be more careful. You should refrain from using such power when you are up against strong and experienced warriors. If they find out that you have the Heaven Illuminating Fire and you don't have the Heaven Illuminating Eye, they may speculate on you your extraordinary experiences and would even attempt to exploit it," said the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor, warning him to tread carefully.

"Thank you, sir. I shall forever keep your teachings in my memory." Ricky nodded.

Ricky had never really given it any thought. Now that he was asked to think about it, he couldn't help but feel quite afraid.

'Looks like I will have to be more cautious when using the Heaven Illuminating Fire, ' Ricky thought to himself.

"Sir, I acquired the Heaven Illuminating Fire from one of my friends who had the Heaven Illuminating Eye," Ricky continued, "so may I confirm something with you about the Heaven Illuminating Eye? Such as a side effect of it?"

"That's exactly what I thought. I just can't believe there's another owner of Heaven Illuminating Eye again." The Ruin Demi-Spiritual Emperor signed with intense emotion, "The magical eye can only be owned by one or two in every era. Their bloodline goes all the way back to a known ancient power – the Sky Dome."

"The Sky Dome?" Hearing this, Ricky felt a bit unsure. "But sir, this friend of mine, she is just with an innate force in our realm.

She calls her force the Sky Manor."

"Tens of millions of years has gone by, and it is not unusual to see the once powerful force decline and fall. The Sky Manor that you have mentioned, they may be direct descend

Ricky took the Ruin Fire from the emperor's hands.

With the power from the Chaotic Fire Zone, Ricky was able to control the fire in a short time. However, he couldn't put the Ruin Fire into the Zone just yet because of the segregation of the Fortune Land.

"You really are an extraordinary warrior. You mastered the Ruin Fire in only a short span of time. Even the most gifted warrior could die from touching the flame if I did nothing to help." Seeing that Ricky took control of the Ruin Fire quickly, the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor was really impressed and was really happy for him.

He started to believe that with the Ruin Fire, maybe Ricky could someday restore the glory of the sacred fire.

"Maybe I'm just very fortunate." Ricky smiled.

"Ha-ha, being lucky is part of your strength. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to wander into this Fortune Land," said the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor.

"All is well now. I have given you the Ruin Fire. I think it's time for me to disappear for good. It is difficult for me to leave it all behind, but I don't have much regret now," said the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor. He was obviously full of affection for this world.

"Please take care!" It was all Ricky could say after all that has happened.

He wished he could bring the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor back to life, but that was out of the question as the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor had already fallen.

"Before I am go, please have this last energy of mine as a parting gift," said the Ruin Demi-Spiritual Emperor.

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