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   Chapter 402 Winning The Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor's Inheritance

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"What did you say?"  Seth roared in a voice trembling with uncontainable rage. Murderous intent filled his eyes the moment he heard the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor's words. Had Seth been more powerful than him, he would have torn his remaining soul into pieces already. The disparity in their strength was the only reason Seth was able to contain himself at the moment.

This was way beyond Seth's expectations. Without a doubt, the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor's decision had shattered his dream once and for all. Even worse, it could mean an untimely end for him.

If Ricky obtained the inheritance from the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor, he would definitely become much more powerful. Even more importantly, he would become the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor's disciple. If that happened, there would be no way that Seth could match him. They fought, and Seth would die. There was no the other way around.

The Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor said nothing in return to Seth's emotional outburst. Instead, with a wave of his hand, he brought out the liquid of innate copper essence Ricky had made and presented it to him. Seth's face changed color when he saw the liquid. As a Demi-spirit Level casting master, he certainly could tell whose work was better and whose liquid turned out to be purer.

"No. It isn't true! This is not possible!" Seth shouted, losing all control of his temper. "You are merely a Mortal Level casting master, one at the advanced stage at the most! You must be cheating!" Now that Seth could see the quality of Ricky's work with his own eyes, he began to throw a raging tantrum. As he snarled, envy, hatred and all the other uncontrollable negative emotions erupted from his eyes, nearly consuming him entirely.

But the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor simply ignored him. He turned to Ricky and said, "Now, follow me, and I will impart to you everything I know about martial arts and casting!"

"Thank you so much, sir!" Ricky bowed respectfully.

He had gotten what he wanted. Unlike Seth, who desired the inheritance itself, he only wanted the inheritance to gain more knowledge about the martial arts world. And after that, he would surely help the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor find a suitable inheritor. That had been his plan from the very beginning.

But he refused to admit it now, not before he obtained the inheritance and learned more about the martial arts world. What if the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor felt cheated and changed his mind? All Ricky's efforts might be in vain if the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor knew about the truth too early. He might be doomed because of lying to him.

"This is unfair, sir!" Just when they were about to leave, Seth suddenly said loudly, like a petulant child. He just would not give up.

"Oh? What makes you think so?" the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor turned around and asked in a calm voice.

"Casting involves a lot of procedures, and everyone knows the melting process is only one of them! I don't think it fair to make the conclusion that he's superior to me in casting just because he produced better liquid of innate copper essence. I want to challenge him in the actual weapon forging. The one who can produce better weapons would win!" Seth argued, looking very ferociously at Ricky.

"I have already made it clear that your talent in casting is what I value the most!" The Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor replied flatly at Seth's obstinance.

He believed that he was right about Ricky's talent. Of course, he knew that Ricky was now still inferior to Seth in general, but Ricky had shown greater potential in casting than

ll of them. I bet that only few warriors can manage them all at the same time!" the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor couldn't help but exclaim, fascinated at the sight of Ricky's hand.

"I mastered them with a stroke of luck. I wonder if you can guess exactly what they are, sir?" Ricky asked a bit jokingly, raising his eyebrows cheekily.

"Ha ha! You can't baffle me with that! The demi-spiritual emperors of your time might not be able to recognize them. But I'm from the ancient times, boy. I have seen them countless times in the many battles I have experienced!" the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor answered proudly.

"Look at this one. It's bloody red, and keeps releasing the devouring power. It's no doubt the weakest yet the strongest sacred fire in this world. We called it Devouring Fire," the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor chuckled. Then he turned to the second flame. "This crimson one is rather wild and aggressive, and I can sense that it is enough to melt almost anything. This must be the most raging fire in this world--the Heaven Melting Fire!" The last one seemed easy for him to identify, too. "As for this black one, it seems to be able to burn forever like the sun, yet it smells of death and darkness. No other fire than the Heaven Illuminating Fire of the Heaven Illuminating Eye can make these opposing forces compatible!" he drew his conclusion with confidence.

"What do you say? Am I right about them?" he then asked Ricky, gesturing in a way that expressed his confidence.

"You are absolutely right about them, sir! You are truly a strong warrior from the ancient times, who has really seen this amazing, wide world!" Ricky expressed his admiration. His eyes blazed with a renewed sense of purpose, inspired by this ancient being who had lived through the birth and death of many great things.

"It was a piece of cake!" the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor chuckled kindly.

Even though he was just a piece of remaining soul from the ancient times, he had his own thoughts, and had memories of millions of years. Locked in this Ruin Small World since the ancient times, he had suffered unspeakably from loneliness and isolation. Talking with Ricky, another human being, gratified him immensely.

"Since you have mentioned the Heaven Illuminating Eye just now, could you please tell me a bit more about it?" Ricky asked respectfully, his sharp eyes gleaming with eagerness.

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