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   Chapter 401 Competition Of Casting Skill

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"Well, I guess that's pretty fair to me. After all, you are indeed a powerful warrior from tens of millions of years ago!" Seth spoke beautifully crafted words to glorify the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor again. As flattering as Seth's words could be, there was still a portion of it that was rather a bit fishy, that he could still not be telling what he really thought of the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor.

"Even though I am the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor, I am still very proud of my casting skill. Thus for the next competition, I want to see how well versed you are with your casting skills. It is the skill I want to see and I don't give a pig's ass about your personal fighting power at all," the murky shadow of the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor said obnoxiously.

Ricky, upon hearing these words, had his interest piqued while Seth, on the other hand, felt stupefied.

But Seth's distraction was replaced by a good thought--he suddenly came to a realization that he, indeed, could do a lot better than Ricky in this task. After all, Ricky had not yet reached the demi-immortal level and could by no means be close to being a master of the Demi-spirit Level at all.

This also meant that Ricky, even though he was a casting master at the advanced stage of the Mortal Level, was no match for Seth's casting skill.

"Well, in that case, please set a task for us to complete. We are ready," Seth daringly asked the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor. Whenever it came to martial arts skills or casting, Seth was known to reach and take advantage of the chance to be a living legend. He was known to be a warrior of confidence and would not let any chance slip his way.

"All right, then!" The indistinct shadow of the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor nodded after he saw both Ricky and Seth had been well-prepared and eager to start the test.

The emperor then waved the sleeve of his robe. And in an instant, two large pieces of ocher copper appeared respectively and fell in front of Ricky and Seth.

"As you can see, there are two pieces of innate copper essence in front of you. Note that both of them are of the exact same size. For this task, you will need to melt the copper essence and get pure water of the copper essence. The warrior who manages to perform the task in shorter time and the copper water with higher quality wins this round," the vague and powerful shadow spoke.

"Once you are ready, you may begin!"

Flames burned fiercely as the two warriors focused on the task ahead of them. Right after the cunning shadow finished his last words of instruction, Ricky and Seth did not hesitate to activate their spiritual energy to their full potential. They both used their spiritual energies to cover each of their copper essences. After covering, they immediately activated their own manual skills to fuse with their energies and start melting the metal.

... And in half an hour after they had started the test, the copper essence started to melt a little.

'Wow. This innate copper essence must be a very special casting material, huh. What's taking this thing so long to melt?' Ricky exclaimed inwardly. 'I bet it will take up so much time to melt

s he realized how powerful Ricky's casting skills were.

'I can't believe that a single warrior merely at the Bone Reinforcement level owns three kinds of sacred fire. He is really amazing! What a warrior of exemplary skill! With this show of cleverness, he could even be dubbed as a powerful genius of the ancient history. It seems that waiting for him is clearly worth the wait.'

At the sight of this remarkable use of fire energies, the shadow had finally accepted that an amazing warrior such as Ricky really did exist on earth.

After an hour of tedious melting and using all kinds of techniques, Ricky and Seth opened their eyes and woke up from the trance of the state of melting.

"How is this even possible?" Seth questioned himself after he saw that Ricky had also finished melting the innate copper essence as the same time as him. This, however, only brought him fear and insecurity.

Seth felt remorse that he had clearly underestimated Ricky's casting skill in this test. And now, he felt several horses running on his chest as he was really nervous about how he did during the casting test, now that he knew that Ricky was not as weak as he thought.

"Nothing is impossible. Now that you had the Rage Fire Pill, I developed clever and unique ways of melting. Do you think you're so special? That only you could be great in this world? If you did, then you are dreaming. Let me remind you that you are not the only one!" Ricky looked at Seth with a threatening smile

"Humph! I wouldn't be overconfident if I were you. Haven't you forgotten that the water's purity is most important?" Seth said sternly as he rolled his eyes.

Then, he averted his gaze at the shadow of the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor and asked impatiently, "Please tell us who won this round, sir."

"You, lad, win the competition this time. You are the chosen one to receive my heritage!" the shadow of the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor said to Ricky as he looked at him with utmost satisfaction and pride.

This announcement left Seth feeling ignored and out of the picture as the shadow celebrated Ricky's victory.

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