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   Chapter 400 Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor

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Whatever he was feeling couldn't be wrong. It was the same feeling the sacred fire or the peculiar fire would cause to the Chaotic Fire Zone. This time, the five kinds of flames inside his body resonated strongly with that feeling.

"The fortune! The sacred fire! This Wonderland certainly surprised me a lot." Though Ricky had yet to see the fire in here, he was so excited that he couldn't stop marveling at this place with his whole heart.

"So it is true that you are also able to enter this place just as I expected!" By that time, as Seth's voice rose from the distance, a powerful momentum crashed upon Ricky.

As of the moment, the efficacy of the Rage Fire Pill Seth took beforehand had not worn out yet, so Ricky had difficulty withstanding his momentum.

Therefore, without any hesitation, Ricky directly burst out the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula and turned gold. With the three runic powers, Ricky barely resisted Seth's momentum.

"I am a casting master. Of course I'm able to enter this place," Ricky said in a cold voice.

Meanwhile, Ricky began to think of different ways he could deal with Seth. Right now he knew he was not capable of defeating him, so he decided to hold on until the efficacy of the Rage Fire Pill completely wore off. By then, he should have a greater chance of defeating Seth with the power of his three zones.

"I know that you are a talented casting master, but I just don't understand how you gathered the confidence to come here and fight me," Seth said arrogantly.

In fact, he was really hoping that Ricky would come because he wanted to kill him. Now he thought that the heavens must have helped him and brought Ricky right within his grasp.

"Do you draw your confidence from your large Wind Hole? Or your cultivation method of the body refining?"

Seth turned over his palm as he spoke to Ricky. The fire turned into a fire rope that he swung towards Ricky. He would surely be delighted to kill Ricky now that he was still unable to kill Grace.

He planned on killing her after he got his hands on the legacy of the demi-spiritual emperor.

"Confidence? You will see where my confidence comes very soon," Ricky responded coldly. He activated the three runes which all expanded immediately. Fusing with the three powers of devour

cky just shook his head slightly, smiled, and said nothing.

If the remaining spirit of the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor would give his legacy to Seth just by hearing his words, then he must be unworthy to be a powerful demi-spiritual emperor.

"Indeed, your power is stronger than him. But my intuition is telling me that I should give the legacy to him," the figure of the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor responded to Seth and looked at Ricky. He seemed to be leaning towards giving the legacy to him instead.

In other words, Ricky gave him a good first impression by doing nothing.

"But sir!" Seth shouted. He was getting more impatient but he did not want to offend him. He could only redirect all his hate towards Ricky.

"Thank you for your appreciation." Ricky was surprised by what the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor said so he expressed his thanks at once.

At the same time, Ricky stared at Seth scornfully.

"However, since you both were able to get here, I shouldn't just choose a person and give him my legacy by merely trusting my instincts. Let's do it by the rules of the martial arts world," the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor proposed.

Heard that, Seth finally came down got even more excited. According to the rules of the martial arts world, similarly to the law of the jungle, the strongest always got all.

He would not mind even if he had to face Ricky five times.

Compared to Seth's excitement, Ricky's face turned gloomy. Because in all honesty, he knew he didn't stand much chance against Seth.

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