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   Chapter 399 Another Land of Legacy

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"What...what the hell is going on here?" Upon seeing the whirlpool of flames that suddenly appeared, everyone became confused.

Amidst their doubtful thoughts, they found out that the force of the roaring flame had actually been intensified all throughout the Land of Legacy, and the enlightening power of the flame had also been growing stronger and stronger.

"How could it be possible? If the enlightening power of fire is that strong, then is this place another Land of Legacy? More than that, the enlightening power of this flame is so much stronger than that of the flushing tree we just met," Brent said in disbelief.

"So if this is really another Land of Legacy, then it must belong to a demi-spiritual emperor!"

Upon arriving at this conclusion, Brent's feelings of confusion became replaced by excitement.

"It seems like our trip to this Wonderland will not be in vain since there are actually two Lands of Legacy," Ricky also said in astonishment.

"Anyway, let's go now and see!" Grace said.

"I won't be going in this time because I need to be here to protect Felicia. Ricky, could you protect Lorus and Robin for me? I hope they will be able to get some insights of their own in the Land of Legacy." Even though Brent really wanted to go into the Land of Legacy very much, he needed to stay there so he could take good care of Felicia.

"I understand, Brent," Ricky answered.

"Let me go first, then," Lorus said excitedly. As soon as his spiritual energy gushed out, he immediately jumped into the whirlpool of flames.

However, as soon as he jumped into the flames, he was deflected and thrown out by the whirlpool of flames.

"What's going on? Why can't Lorus get into it?" Upon seeing what just happened, everyone became even more puzzled. "Isn't this the entrance to the Land of Legacy?" They asked in confusion.

"How could it be possible? If it is not the entrance to the Land of Legacy, then how come it is emitting such a strong enlightening power of flames?" Ricky said as he shook his head.

"Let me give it a try!" Robin said. Without waiting for anyone's response, Robin jumped into the whirlpool of flames at once, but the result was the same. He, too, was ejected by the flames.

Afterwards, Grace and Ricky also followed suit, but like the other two before them, they were also unable to enter.

Crack! Crack!

Then, they heard a voice from the ice fracture, and they saw that the ice that Seth had been frozen in had already burst open.

In that moment, Seth was utterly furious. His whole body was surrounded by

re not surprised when Ricky broke out his runic power.

But as their initial excitement faded, they began to worry about Ricky.

It seemed unlikely that Ricky could win against Seth. Even if Ricky still had the wind of gravity, the situation was still very much dangerous for him.

"Grace, wouldn't it be a little bit too dangerous for Ricky to enter the flames alone?" Brent immediately said to Grace as he worried about Ricky's safety.

"He entered the flames without any hesitations at all, so he must have confidence in himself and his abilities. We should all believe in him as well," Grace said calmly. On the inside, Grace was also immensely worried about Ricky's safety, but now was not the time for her to panic.

On top of that, she really did not have the chance to stop Ricky, because he made the decision in a blink of an eye.

"Ricky has the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula and the wind of gravity. He should be able to handle the situation," Grace whispered to herself.


After passing through the whirlpool of flames, Ricky arrived at a reddish-yellow desolate land. It had an extremely hot temperature, and every inch of the land was filled with the strong enlightening power of fire.

'This is indeed a Land of Legacy. The Land of Flame Legacy, in particular. This place really suits me!' Ricky whispered to himself in mind, barely able to contain his excitement.

Hum! At the same time, Ricky felt the Chaotic Fire Zone vibrate. Ricky's excitement grew even more because he knew vibrations like that only took place when the sacred fire or peculiar fire was nearby.

'Does this place have some kind of sacred fire or peculiar fire?' Ricky whispered to himself excitedly.

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