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   Chapter 398 Felicia Got The Inheritance

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7323

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The moment the forces of the two demi-immortals collided, the whole area burst in an instant and split the space into pieces, while the two demi-immortals were preparing their power for the next round.

The Twisting Fire Rope went around the Snowflake Frosty Palm, trying to tie it up and burn it into ashes. Meanwhile, the Snowflake Frosty Palm unleashed the force of snowflake and tied up the Twisting Fire Rope with pieces of huge snowflakes permeating the whole area.

The two forces were in a stalemate for a little while but the Snowflake Frosty Palm, with its promising prowess, was able to snitch the overwhelming victory.

It was obvious that the snowflakes froze the Twisting Fire Rope inch by inch whilst in the air and then smashed the force of fire into pieces in a snap. So far, all the attacks which Seth threw had been counteracted.

"How could it be? No...No it's impossible!" Seth screamed in frustration. His arrogant look turned into a rather hideous and frightened one, at the sight of how his force was frozen and smashed.

"The peak of the demi-immortal level! How can such ugly woman like you be at the peak of the demi-immortal level?" Seth roared at Grace.

"What a annoying fellow!" Ricky snorted as he heard Seth call Grace ugly again. He murmur, "You are from the Wang Clan of the Heaven Wood Land, right? You are in trouble now!"

Little did Seth know that Ricky already labelled the entire Wang Clan as unforgivable because he had insulted Grace time and again. His clan would later pay a high price for his stupidity. But it would be another story.

"This is unexpected! Ricky's master is a warrior at the peak of demi-immortal level!" Brent and others were all shocked, having witnessed Seth take the Rage Fire Pill but it was easily suppressed by Grace.

"Nothing is impossible in this world. The problem is you are too arrogant to think about all the possibilities," Grace responded coldly with the same intention to kill Seth as Ricky.

Immediately, Grace launched another Snowflake Frosty Palm on Seth and turned the latter into an ice sculpture. The moment was surreal as a sound of ice getting frozen was further heard in al

you two. So we would like to give you the storage ring left by this spiritual king together with the Treasures from Heaven and Earth embedded in it." Brent handed over the storage ring to Ricky.

"Brent, before we came in here, we arrived to the agreement that we would divide everything we would accumulate here equally," Ricky humbly smiled.

"If you really consider our Liu Clan as your friend, you should accept this gift. If you will have apprehension on this, our clan will be really feel upset as we will not even survive without the help from you two," Brent convincingly said.

Lorus and Robin nodded their heads in agreement. Right at this moment, they extremely admired Ricky instead of taking precautions from him.

Seeing Brent's persistence, Ricky gave in and received the storage ring in humility. He could see how Brent and the others were really sincere in offering such precious gift that it would bring forth frustration on the clan's end if he would not take it.

"Bang!!!" Suddenly, the whole Land of Legacy began to change. The enlightening power permeating in this area was replaced by the original burning flame.

"Huh? What's going on?" Ricky and others wondered.

The next moment, the space around the green light of the inheritance contorted with a streak of swirling flame.

All the heat and burning enlightening power in the Land of Legacy was from the swirling flame that brought everyone in a state of confusion.

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