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   Chapter 397 Grace's Attack

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6316

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"Seth, you will die a horrible and painful death!" four disciples from the Wang Clan shouted with anger. The fear in their eyes turned into pure hatred.

"He is a bastard! How absolutely heartless!" Felicia grew livid at the sight of this.

Next, she turned to Ricky and hoped that he could let these four disciples go. But she bit her tongue at the sight of him fuming in pure rage.

'Felicia, you are too kind, ' Brent said using his internal power as he saw Felicia's expression. 'If you were in their shoes, they would do nothing but laugh at you.

Ricky is very angry right now. He won't let them go. His master is one of the most important people to him in the world.

Ricky is righteous, but he isn't softhearted. He's a very decisive man with set principles. He won't forgive the enemies who hurt him and his master.'

'I understand, ' Felicia replied sadly.

'Ricky is an extremely rare talent who can challenge warriors several levels above him. He will soon be the strongest warrior in martial arts world. Now I understand why he said that he didn't need this kind of inheritance, ' Brent sighed to himself.


The four disciples from the Wang Clan screamed in pain as they were crushed in the Wind Hole.

Seth and his Twisting Fire Rope were surrounded by the wind of gravity simultaneously.

"Boom!" "Bang!"

The wind of gravity blew away Seth and burst heavily in the distance. A huge mushroom cloud rose at once, rippling with shockwaves that everyone felt.

Ricky finally began to calm down.

"Ricky, you are so impulsive. You didn't need to waste a chance to use the Wind Hole to kill him," Grace said to him at once.

"Master Grace, that foul little bastard dared to insult you. He deserved to die!" Ricky replied.

Grace didn't reply. She was asking herself whether she should keep her distance from Ricky for a while. But she quickly reali

gth has multiplied, ' Grace said using her internal power as she sensed Ricky's train of thought.

'Well, master, I forgot that you are a warrior at the peak of the demi-immortal level, ' Ricky replied sheepishly.

'From my point of view, you've been too angry to think clearly, ' Grace said.

Then, Grace turned around and faced Seth as her strength broke out.

"Twisting Fire Rope!"

Seth shouted, surrounding himself with it. As he roared loudly, his strength broke out at once. He gathered his strongest infernal power and rushed to Ricky's group like a fire dragon. How he wanted to slay every one of them with his fire strength!

"Ha-ha! You are going to die!" Seth guffawed maniacally.

"You are truly a poor fellow," Ricky muttered, shaking his head with a grim smile.

"Boom!" Grace no longer concealed her strength now. Her frosty power at the peak of the demi-immortal level exploded, completely immobilizing Seth's attack.

"Snowflake Frosty Palm!" With a magnificent shout, Grace let forth a forceful slap. A huge palm with frosty power formed in the sky, making snow begin to descend on everyone.

"Ka-boom!" Grace's Snowflake Frosty Palm collided with Seth's Twisting Fire Rope. Someone was going down, and it wasn't Grace.

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