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   Chapter 396 Ricky’s Fury

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Snap! Snap! The sound of knuckles cracking resounded in the area.

The moment Seth finished speaking, the crisp sound came abruptly, growing even more ferocious when he humiliated Grace with the word, 'ugly.' Needless to say, the sound was from Ricky's clenching hands—he was clearly in great fury, now.

Who was Grace? What was she to Ricky? For him, she was to be most respected person, apart from being one of the most important people in his heart—he loved and cherished her life and reputation above his own.

Seth's deliberate, harsh words had offended Ricky, almost to the point of stepping in. At that point, he would never forgive Seth's behavior.

However, Grace seemed to show no reaction whatsoever to the word, 'ugly.'

After all, she had already heard too much of the same. To stop herself from lashing out, she could only pretend to be indifferent to such insults. As time passed, she turned immune to it on the surface. But no woman in the world didn't care about their appearance. Even Grace couldn't deny that the words were hurtful deep down, and too harsh for any woman.

At that moment, she and all those on-site noticed Ricky's obvious change.

Well aware of why Ricky was enraged, she was touched—she knew he wanted to protect her.

But she wasn't yet fully aware that Ricky's reaction was not only due to his respect for her as a master of martial arts.

"Haha! You've fallen in love with this ugly woman, haven't you?" As Seth teased him, he burst out laughing in delight and the four warriors from the Wang Clan followed suit.

Felicia, however, was feeling a little uncomfortable. With her instinct as a woman, she could tell that Seth had hit the nail on the head—even if Grace wasn't an attractive woman, Ricky seemed to have had some special feelings for her.

The truth was hard to believe. It wasn't that Ricky wasn't allowed to fall in love with Grace—it just came as a surprise to find that he would fall in love with someone who wasn't considered 'beautiful, ' especially in the world of warriors where the strong preyed on the weak.

Although Grace had attractive features, the red birthmark on her face made people regard her as hideous.

While Felicia always thought she was pretty, along the way of their trip, she figured that Ricky merely regarded her as one of his friends—he didn't look at her with the affect

uldn't last a second inside the wind of gravity, even as a unit.

Boom! Boom!

With the perfusion of the four's spiritual energy into Seth's body, the power of the furious flame increased in an instant and exploded a few seconds later, surpassing his original power dramatically.

When Ricky suddenly launched the strong power of the windstorm, Grace couldn't be more surprised, finding it difficult to imagine how Ricky managed to conquer the large Wind Hole.

"The Scorching Flame-Twisting Fire Rope!" Seth bellowed furiously to summon his fiercest attack. As if hearing the summon instantly, the scorching flame rose to its peak power. This was the most powerful and final cultivation method that Seth could hope to use.

The scorching flame moved like a python, intertwining, twisting, and transforming into a huge, rope-like flame.

It then surrounded Seth's body. He kept his hands crossed to strengthen the defending power of the rope.

But at that moment, Seth excluded the four sidekicks in his Twisting Fire Rope, simply allowing them to be engulfed by the wind of gravity.

"Young master, help us!" they shouted desperately. Seth's cruelty was disappointing and hurtful, but all they could do was to desperately shout for help.

"Hey, you four, it's an honor to have the chance to risk your lives for me. Don't worry about your death. I'll avenge you four once I resist the wind of gravity," Seth responded coldly to the cry for help.

With that, he no longer paid any attention to the four, devoting all his energy instead to the Twisting Fire Rope.

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