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   Chapter 395 I'm With Him

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Puffs of air blew from Ricky's lips. He couldn't believe that he had belittled the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula before. Even though Seth wasn't the strongest warrior among the demi-immortals, he was talented for his level. The strengths Seth had activated were definitely stronger than Ricky's.

But with the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula, Ricky only felt a bit of pain when he blocked Seth's attack. He didn't even get injured. He started to think that he almost became invincible when he faced someone like Seth.

The fact that he didn't sustain any damage boosted his confidence, and he even looked at Seth with disdain.

He knew that he couldn't defeat Seth, but he knew that Seth couldn't hurt him, either.

Ricky's gut feeling told him that most of the demi-immortals couldn't inflict any serious injuries on him, except if they were at the peak of demi-immortal level.

"How could he... I can't believe it! He could withstand my attacks because of that stupid body refining method. Why is it so powerful?" Seth snarled. He was shocked when he saw Ricky had no injuries at all—but soon enough, rage got the better of him.

While he didn't use his ace, he had gathered all his strength to throw Ricky a hard punch. He had even threatened to kill Ricky with that punch, so now he was embarrassed when Ricky didn't get hurt at all.

'I've been told that the body refining cultivation method he's cultivating is the Snow Sects's best and most precious cultivation method. It seems that it's true. It's so powerful!' Brent thought in amazement. His eyes drifted to Ricky, whose body had turned into gold.

There was no hint of despair in his eyes now.

Brent had also realized that although Ricky was no match against Seth, Seth couldn't defeat Ricky either because of the latter's powerful body refining cultivation method. Not to mention, Ricky had a large Wind Hole as well.

'Ricky, you're just like a miracle, ' Felicia thought. She gazed at him as well, her eyes gleaming with admiration.

'Finally, the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula's true power has recurred again!' Grace thought excitedly with a grin. 'By the time he becomes a demi-immortal, I'm sure that his talent and Nine-degree Body Refining Fo

said. Grace looked calm as a still lake. She clearly looked like she was looking down at Seth.

Then again, Grace was never scared of Seth to begin with.

When everyone saw Grace step forward, they were all surprised, except for Ricky. They all couldn't figure out what was happening in such a short amount of time.

A few seconds later, Seth realized what was going on. "It seems that you're with him," he turned to Grace and said in an icy tone.

With Seth's comment, everyone else had finally figured it all out.

The anger of the Wang Clan was indescribable. They couldn't believe that they had invited an enemy to come with them. On the other hand, the Liu Clan felt relief. There was a bigger possibility of them winning the battle now.

"Of course I'm with him," Grace said coldly. "Why don't we fight?!"

Seth looked aggravated. "I can't believe I invited an enemy to come with me! It looks like I've brought trouble upon myself," he said coldly.

"If I'm right, you wanted me to come with you not only because you wanted me to help you in the fight. I don't think you're even scared of Lius, or their helper," Grace said. "Wow, you're clever.

Truth is, I invited you because I intended to let you go first when we've reached some dangerous places," Seth sneered. "Everything here can only belong to the Wang Clan!

If you were beautiful, I might've considered marrying you and make you my twelfth wife—but you're so ugly, so shockingly ugly," Seth hissed.

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