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   Chapter 394 Power Of The Nine-Degree Body Refining Formula

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Those warriors had already intensely investigated Ricky because Ricky had the spiritual space tool. Ricky had also established the Misty South Palace and had become its lord, so those forces naturally worked harder to investigate him.

The Nine-degree Body Refining Formula also became Ricky special identification mark to them. It was his signature move!


"Ricky, it's you! What a coincident! You could have stayed out of all this, but still, you made your choice and got yourself involved. In that case, don't blame me for being ruthless. It's you who brought all this to yourself!" Seth said excitedly after he saw Ricky take off the mask and reveal his true identity.

The Land of Fortune was really a land full of opportunity. He could not only get the valuable inheritance, but he could also get the spiritual space tool. If that was not great luck, then he didn't know what was.

"Ricky? That is really Ricky, the powerful lord of the new innate force, the Misty South Palace!" Felicia immensely admired him and her eyes were full of reverence. She knew a lot of stories about Ricky's accomplishments after all.

"If he is Ricky, then he is at the eighth grade of Bone Reinforcement. It's said that he can challenge warriors two levels higher than him just like the young master of the Imperial Palace of Wildness and the top assassin of the Endless Shadow as well." Brent marveled at him in appreciation of his many feats again.

"He is even much more talented than the other two..."


"So what? I, Ricky, make my own choice. I just want to stick to studying martial arts. There is opportunity in this Wonderland, so I came here. Do you think you can really control everything just because you are strong?" Ricky replied quietly as he put the skin-mask away.

"Oh? It seems that you have something else that you can use to fight against me." After he heard what Ricky said, Seth said, "It does remind me that you can get a new start every time you face new adversities.

In that case, I should be careful, or I might make a fool of myself.

So, to show my respect, I have decide to give you a critical strike and to kill you in one second without any pain. Don't worry; after you die, I will make good use of your possessions; including the spiritual space tool."

"Your name is Seth, right? Do you know that people who talk to me like


Bang! During the continuous outbursts of their momentum, Ricky's flame fist was exhausted. Ricky was also knocked to the ground again.

It was inevitable that that would happen, because power at the intermediate stage of demi-immortal could not overcome the power of the peak of demi-immortal.

Seeing that Ricky was knocked down, Seth drew back his fists and restrained his momentum. He was confident that Ricky could not withstand any more of his attacks after being hit with his punch.

Even if Ricky was not dead, Seth still believed he would be able to kill Ricky eventually.

"You pathetic, overconfident thing. This is the payback you get for offending me!" Seth said in a cold voice as he swung his fist down at Ricky.

Ricky responded in a disdainful voice, saying, "Is that your power at the peak of demi-immortal? It seems that it will be difficult for you to even be able to leave here alive today!"

Immediately, Ricky walked out of the fierce flaming blast with golden light emitting from him.

Seeing that Ricky was alive and uninjured, Seth and others were all stunned. Grace wasn't as shocked; she was only mildly surprised.

Seth was especially shocked. He was so angry that his mind was becoming distorted. Now he was really starting to get mad.

"The Nine-degree Body Refining Formula has not disappointed me." At that point in time, Ricky also sighed due to a great wave of emotion.

Though his power was not as strong as Seth's, with the shield of the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula, Seth couldn't do anything to really hurt him.

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