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   Chapter 392 The Land Of Legacy

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6634

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The rich fortune housed in the Sublimation Lake began to ebb as there was a mild explosion. They were actually absorbed by a strong attraction force from the very center of the Lake.

''It seems the Land of Legacy emerges from a place where a completed spiritual king and even demi-spiritual emperor once died. What a great opportunity for me if I can obtain the treasure!'' Brent exclaimed, thrilled to the bone.

Brent looked at Ricky with apprehension, and so did Lorus and Robin. They were a bit worried that Ricky might turn into their adversary once they found the legacy.

But unlike them, Felicia did not seem to show any concern.

Ricky understood their apprehensions at the sight of their faces. He smiled and said kindly, ''Brent, you Invited me in because you trust me. I don't covet the legacy.''

''Be it the inheritance of completed spiritual king or even demi-spiritual emperor, I'm not into it at all.''

''Randal, I must apologize for distrusting you, '' Brent replied guiltily. Ricky's assertive and sincere tone made him feel a bit awkward.

But he still couldn't trust Ricky. After all, the inheritance was so invaluable that it was impossible that he wouldn't have competition for it!

Ricky did not blame Brent for distrusting him. He understood how much the inheritance meant to them. And they had not known each other for long, either.

''It's alright, Brent. After all, this place might hide the inheritance of a completed spiritual king or even a demi-spiritual emperor.'' Ricky smiled. ''I swear I'm just here to help you get the inheritance. I won't fight you for the legacy.''

Ricky made a warrior's oath to appease Brent's concerns.

''Thank you!'' Brent nodded deeply, finally convinced. A warrior's oath was no small matter.

''I'm already content with the Sublimation Pill, Brent. So I'm willing to give up the legacy.'' Ricky smiled, ''I want something more though, if you don't mind. If we find a treasure that can strengthen my

l their attention focusing on the inheritance and storage ring, they didn't notice Ricky's movement.

But what they didn't know was that Seth and his team were also heading straight to that place.

The Liu Clan warriors were fixated on the treasure now that they didn't realize this at all.

Only when they arrived did they notice that their enemies were also present!

They had to put the inheritance aside for now. They would get nothing if they didn't manage to defeat their enemies. If they succeeded, all of the king's treasure would all belong to them!

''Aha, Felicia! You arrived here just at the right time, '' said Seth with an evil expression. ''You must have pined for the king's inheritance for so long!''

''Humph! Shut up, Seth! We both know what you're up to, '' Felicia sneered. ''Oh, and by the way, stop calling me like that. How gross! We're not friends!''

''Ha-ha! You must be kidding, Felicia. Like I once told you, I'll hand over the inheritance as long as you marry me and become my eleventh concubine. My offer still stands, sweetie. Please let me know if you've changed your mind, '' Seth laughed brashly, his mouth agape.

However, an insidious ferocity could be seen from his eyes.

Ricky could tell that Seth was definitely about to attack Felicia and her team at any moment.

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