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   Chapter 391 Fifty Feet

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The Sublimation Lake was located at the center of the Wonderland, covering about half of the area. Therefore, Ricky could see the vast lake without the edge only within several steps away from him.

Although it looked like a lake, Ricky couldn't see any body of water but only a dense cloud of fog.

"Is this really a lake?" Ricky wondered. "It's as if everything here is made up of fortune energy. No wonder there is so much fortune in the composition of the Sublimation Pill."

"No wonder there is a Land of Legacy every century, which may have also been caused by fortune."

"I failed to realize that this so-called Sublimation Lake is actually a lake of fortune," Brent doubted along with Ricky.

"This Wonderland is a place where tons of fortune are concentrated, so I think there could be another place like this in the Fortune Land," Ricky speculated.

"It should be. Like the Imperial Palace of Wildness and the Endless Shadow, these two forces have also found their own secret land. We'll eventually find a land of our own," Brent said. "Meanwhile, the secret lands we would someday discover must be vaster than this one."

"In that case, I should really give you my thanks, Brent. If it wasn't for your invitation, I don't know how long it would have taken me to have a ninety-feet long dragon meridian on my back," Ricky told him.

"Ha-ha, what are we still waiting for then? We should go into the Sublimation Lake and hunt for the sublime beasts now," Brent laughed.

"The sublime beasts are also formed through the agglomeration of fortune, but by the agglomeration of a much more advanced level of fortune. And later on, these sublime beasts will transform into the Sublimation Pill instead of the dragon meridian," Brent explained further.

Subsequently, a group of five people entered the Sublimation Lake and began their search for sublime beasts.

As for Grace, Ricky was not worried about her at all. Even if Seth was at the peak of the demi-immortal level, Grace wasn't in any way inferior to him.

"Brent, where dose the entrance to a Land of Legacy usually show up?" After entering the Sublimation Lake, Ricky was so eager to find more Lands of Legacy which would tremendously increase his strength.



"Fortune is fortune!" Brent sighed, "Whether you are a gifted warrior or a rare genius in the world, fortune truly is everything. You are no different to a walking skeleton if you have no fortune. Only when you get fortune will you qualify to reach the summit!"

"Brent is correct. Fortune is such a wonderful thing. We just might be able to reach the demi-immortal level. To a large extent, it is also because of our own fortune!" Ricky expounded.

"You got a fifty-four long dragon meridian. Randal, I am guessing you are not disappointed at this trip, huh?" Brent told Ricky with a smile.

What he feared the most was that Ricky would end up disappointed at this exploration, because he was counting on Ricky in the fight with the Wang Clan.

"Aha, Brent. Don't say such things. I'm not disappointed at all, not even the slightest bit," Ricky answered with a smile.

"In that case, we must be ready to fight the Wang Clan for real in the Land of Legacy," Brent reminded them with a serious tone.

Previously, Seth teased him and disdained the younger generation of the Liu Clan. Brent definitely kept his words in mind.

Having heard what Brent said, Ricky hesitated if he should tell Brent about Seth's true strength. But Ricky decided to hold back at the sight of Brent's confident look.

'It seems that Master Grace would have to take care of Seth for us first, ' Ricky thought.

Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, the entire Sublimation Lake began to undergo tremendous changes.

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