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   Chapter 389 The Sublimation Lake

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"A Land of Legacy! Really?" Ricky responded to Brent excitedly while his eyes were flashing in excitement.

Ricky knew that there was nothing free in the world though, so he immediately calmed down and spoke again with a smile on his face. He asked, "Brent, please tell me what I need to do."

"Randal, first of all, let's make it clear that the place we have found out about is only very likely to be a Land of Legacy. We are not certain however. So, if we go there and find out that it is not the place we expect it to be, I hope you don't think I am deceiving you," Brent announced.

"Brent, do you think of me as such an unreasonable person?" Ricky grinned.

"Ha-ha!" Brent laughed and continued, saying, "The reason that we invited you is simply because we are not strong enough to do it on our own."

"Are there any other competitors looking for it?" Ricky inquired.

"Yes, the Wang Clan are our rivals and are going after it as well!" Brent replied, "This time, for the sake of the Land of Legacy, they are probably also making secret deals with some people to try and get an advantage."

"Brent, you gave me plenty of information and opportunities. It's reasonable to ask me to help you in return. I accept your invitation, and I have no reason to refuse it," Ricky said with a smile.

"Randal, thank you very much," Brent thanked Ricky.

"Brent, please tell me more details so we can make a plan!" Ricky nodded.

"Well, we can talk while we are heading there. I believe that the Wang Clan is also rushing there now!" Brent added.

Brent and the other three left the Gravitational Wind Valley with Ricky.

The place Brent mentioned was called the Sublimation Lake, and it was a secret place that could be found in the Fortune Land.

The reason it was called the Sublimation Lake was due to the strong force of sublimation the lake gave off.

This so-called force of sublimation was another manifested form of fortune. It was more advanced than the dragon meridian, so the force of sublimation could be spontaneously condensed into a Sublimation Pill.

In the Fortune Land, the Sublimation Pill could only reach the inferior grade of King Level. It was still possible that

t this stream?" Ricky asked incredulously.

"Yes, although I find it strange, it's true. This winding body of water is the entrance to the Wonderland," Brent explained. "I will enter first and then you can follow me."

Afterward, Brent jumped directly into the stream. The stream appeared to be hardly knee height at first glance, but when Brent jumped in he disappeared with a small splash.

"This is incredible; this is really the entrance to the Wonderland! As the saying goes, you are in the most danger when you feel most safe! Does it work the same here?" Ricky asked approvingly.

"Perhaps. At the beginning, the ancestors of the Liu Clan and the Wang Clan discovered this place by accident," Felicia stated.

After a brief discussion, Ricky jumped into the stream with the others.

When they got out of the water, they saw white land with thicker fortune and greater humidity. It was as if it was pouring with fortune.

As for Ricky's first impression, he could feel the strong enlightening power there. There was no doubt that the Land of Legacy had appeared once again in this Wonderland.

"It seems it is worthwhile to come to this Wonderland for the Sublimation Pill and the Land of Legacy." Having wrought no harvest yet, Ricky was excited to get started.

"Brent and Felicia, you are finally here!" At that point, a cheerful voice rang out attracting their attention. A group of people was coming towards them from a short distance away.

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