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   Chapter 388 Decisive

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At once, many warriors and beasts at the intermediate stage of demi-immortal level rushed to besiege Ricky as they wanted to take the large Wind Hole on Ricky's palm.

"What do you want to do?" Brent jumped and landed in front of Ricky, asking coldly as he observed the other party's movement.

"What we want to do is obvious." An old guy smirked. "I think that this little boy will just put the large Wind Hole to waste, so we want to take it from him."

"Ha-ha, just tell me the truth. What you really want is my large Wind Hole. I will give it to you!" Ricky staggered to his feet while laughing loudly.

"Randal!" Brent was a little worried when he heard Ricky's brave words.

Brent considered Ricky as a friend after what had happened. He knew how Ricky worked and did whatever it took to get to the large Wind Hole, so he could not just allow anyone to threaten his friend and take what he had worked hard for.

Ricky gave Brent a reassuring look after hearing his words. He continued walking and found himself coming near those cheeky men.

It seemed that Brent had understood what Ricky meant. He didn't say anything more as he saw his friend's confident expression.

"Everyone, the large Wind Hole is on my palm now. If you want it, come to get it." Ricky was boosted with confidence.


However, he activated the large Wind Hole on his left hand the next moment. From it a wild roaring sound arose and engulfed the area.

They could see a black cave embedded in Ricky's palm. It was the large Wind Hole where a mass of black spiral storm broke out.

When the spiral storm rose up the sky, it turned into the huge wind of gravity. As those warriors were all absorbed in it, they screamed out in fear as they already felt their doom.

The huge wind of gravity then knocked on the mountain behind them and the mountain was surprisingly pulverized into dust at once.

As for those warriors and beasts at the intermediate stage of demi-immortal, they turned into dust, as pulverized as the impossibly destructible mountain. Ricky then gained all their dragon meridians, increasing his dragon meridian's length to seven inches from the previous five inches.

No one had thought of this outcome, especially those warriors at in

Then, Ricky began to cultivate to recover his depleted strength.

As for Brent, Ricky couldn't trust him completely for now. He asked him for help also in order to test whether he was a friend or a foe. Even if Brent turned out to be a wicked man who would attack Ricky when he was weak, Ricky would be able to sense the danger and wake up at any time because he had three zones. He could also use the Wind Hole to attack enemies back.

Four hours later, Ricky had recovered all his strength. After Felicia had left the place to give him some privacy, Ricky took off the old ragged robes and put on the new black ones.

"Randal, what are you going to do next?" Brent innocently asked his new friend.

"I am going to kill fortune beasts and compete for dragon meridians so I could increase it to ninety feet long before the last moment comes. I plan to compete for the ultimate dragon meridian as well as the ultimate fortune," Ricky answered calmly, laying out his plans.

"I knew it!" Ricky's words confirmed Brent's thoughts.

"However, my strength is not yet enough to compete for the ultimate dragon meridian. I want to look for chances in the Land of Legacy," Ricky said sincerely.

Only warriors and beasts at the peak of demi-immortal level were able to compete for the ultimate dragon meridian. His strength was clearly not enough for that.

"Randal, I know a place is of great possibility to be a Land of Legacy. Do you want to go with us?" Brent offered without any hesitation.

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