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   Chapter 387 The Large Wind Hole

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After explaining some of the rules about the windstorm to the trio, Ricky focused his attention on the depths of the valley, where the large gravitational windstorm originated. Apparently, he had developed a great interest in it.

He already managed to acquire a medium Wind Hole, which he believed was quite enough. By that time, his realm had already reached the eighth grade of Bone Reinforcement while his combat power was at the medium demi-immortal level. As long as he continued to make some improvements in his current realm, his combat power would definitely reach the peak of the medium demand-immortal level.

As for the time he needed for such improvements, Ricky believed it would not be too long. By then, the medium Wind Hole would no longer be so useful to him.

Therefore, he was more interested in the large Wind Hole, which was meant to be far more powerful than the medium ones. If he got his hands on a large one, adding that to the power of his Nine-degree Body Refining Formula, he could definitely guarantee his safety in the upcoming battle in this Fortune Land.

If he hadn't learned about the rules in the gravitational windstorm, he definitely would not have developed an interest in the large gravitational windstorm. However, after learning everything about those rules, everything was different.

'If I fail to get a large Wind Hole from the gravitational windstorm, the worst result could be getting tossed out of it, which wouldn't be much of a big deal. I won't be significantly injured as long as I have the peak power of the Eighth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula, ' Ricky thought about his chances carefully.

The only possible downside of launching the power of the Eighth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula was that the unique cultivation method might reveal his true identity. Yet, he believed that it was still a risk worth taking.

Ricky was fully aware of the possible risks and disadvantages. However, the world of martial arts had always been like this—both risk and opportunity naturally coexisting. If he gave up such a good opportunity just to avoid the potential risks, how could he continue his cultivation journey as a warrior?

Thus, despite the thoughts he was having, Ricky walked out of the medium windstorm without any hesitation.

The warriors who had been tossed out from the medium windstorm all stared at Ricky with greedy eyes, but they had no courage to go against him. The Wind Hole that Ricky had in his palm was enough to deter them, not to mention the other more powerful skills he already had.

Therefore, they could only keep their greedy desires to themselves.

Then all of a sudden, they were all startled with their mouths wide open as they saw Ricky walking towards a large gravitational windstorm.

Immediately, as the witnesses of such an unbelievable scene, they began to talk to one another excitedly. "What is he going to do?"

"Is... is he planning on entering that large gravitational windstorm?" With a lot of doubts in their hearts, the warriors and fierce beasts just stared at Ricky and exchanged looks with one another from time to time.

"No, he won't do it, absolutely not. The storm inside the large gravitational windstor

ption. How could they have expected that the young warrior, who asked them for information earlier, was this outstanding and talented?

Apart from the astonishment, they also felt very fortunate to have a connection with Ricky, a rare genius.

Felicia's eyes were filled with excitement and gratitude.

If it hadn't been for Ricky's help, she wouldn't have been able to get her hands on a Wind Hole any time soon.

After two hours of struggling inside the gravitational windstorm, Ricky was finally able to move in a much better pace. The big improvement was due to his quick adaptation with the rules of the large gravitational windstorm with the help of his three Zones. Now he could use his own power to follow the windstorm.

But he also paid a price to get to such improvement. He constantly bled that almost all of his body parts were covered with blood.

Fortunately, the price was not too heavy to pay. All was due to his quick learning ability that he got from his three Zones. Otherwise, he would have suffered a greater loss, unless he could burst out the power of the Ninth Degree of his Body Refining Formula.

With his newly acquired ability to move inside the gravitational windstorm, and his understanding of its rules, it would now be way easier for Ricky to get his hands on a large Wind Hole.

Through the power of his three Zones, he refined a large Wind Hole as quickly as he could, and leapt out of the large gravitational windstorm.

By that time, he was very exhausted. He considered walking into another large gravitational windstorm and trying to get more. But under his current physical condition, he knew he had to give up.

It was estimated that about half an hour later, those Wind Holes would have already disappeared. Half an hour was definitely not enough time for him to recover from what he just went through.

Seeing that Ricky got out of the windstorm successfully, all the other warriors stared at him in great disbelief. Eventually, some of them showed hints of greed in their eyes.

Moreover, many powerful warriors at the medium demi-immortal level began walking towards Ricky, starting to surround him.

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