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   Chapter 386 Acquiring The Wind Hole Easily

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Updated: 2019-10-12 17:01

The warriors and beasts were now all concentrating on adapting to the gravitational windstorm they had been sucked into.


"The gravitational windstorm is worthy of its name! It has the incredible attribute of gravity while also harnessing the strong power of wind!" Ricky gasped in admiration once he entered it.

The gravity in the periphery of the Gravitational Wind Valley was only three times as strong as usual, but the gravity in this medium gravitational windstorm was at least twelve times more concentrated! Under such a powerful gravity with the intense rotation of the windstorm, Ricky could not stand still at the beginning.

Ricky thought that if a warrior at the inferior stage of the demi-immortal level entered this medium gravitational windstorm, he would definitely be wounded badly and tossed about like a leaf. Even worse, he might even die there.

Fortunately, Ricky's strength was already equal to that of an overmatch at the intermediate stage of the demi-immortal, so he had adapted nearly all of the gravity after spending a quarter of an hour there. And he resisted the rotating windstorm cuttings with his spiritual energy.

"Ah!" "Eee!"

Suddenly, some screams rang out. Some warriors at the demi-immortal level who were not powerful enough were tossed out of the gravitational windstorm directly, regardless of their position inside.

It had grown painfully clear that the power of the warriors and beasts who had been tossed out was not enough to withstand the double power in the gravitational windstorm. Ricky did not care about them too much. They had obviously overestimated themselves and entered the gravitational windstorm when they were not strong enough.

At this point, the Wind Hole had not showed up.

'When it finally shows up, the power of the windstorm may become more intense. When that happens, I must try to figure out how this gravitational windstorm works. That will help me obtain the Wind Hole!' Ricky thought to himself.

If the other warriors and beasts knew about what Ricky was thinking, they would swear at him for his outlandish ideas. They were already immensely grateful tha

little effort, because he had already figured out the pattern of this windstorm. He would have been an idiot if he could not refine it by now.

"Randal, you can take down the Wind Hole in other windstorms while there's time!" Brent called out to him using his internal power.

"Brent, it's enough for me. I believe that I won't need the Wind Hole after a few days. It will only be useless for me to get more!" Ricky replied with a cheeky smile.

"You really are quite confident. I admire you. Ha-ha!" Brent also smiled.

"Brent, the reason I got the Wind Hole so soon is that I mastered some rules about the power of the windstorm. I won't be stingy if you need some help," Ricky said to him using his internal power.

'As I expected!' Brent was a little amazed at what Ricky revealed to him.

But he refused his offer, saying, "Randal, I would prefer to accomplish it by myself, but thank you for your generosity!"

"I understand that!" Ricky smiled at Brent's refusal. He liked this man with integrity and ambition!

"But, Randal, could you please tell Lady Felicia and the two disciples of my family about the rules? I would be very grateful if you do so," Brent asked him pleadingly.

"Brent, no need to worry about that. I have yet to pay you back for what you did for me before," Ricky replied graciously.

He did not hesitate to tell Felicia and the others about what he had learned from his comprehension.

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