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   Chapter 385 Wind Hole

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"Oh? Have you seen the dragon meridian on my back?" Having sensed their greedy glances, Ricky asked them lightly. However, he didn't care much about the possible threats from the greedy warriors. They could challenge him if they were brave enough.

Moreover, they coveted Ricky's dragon meridian while Ricky also wanted to take the dragon meridians from their bodies. However, Ricky didn't want to be the first to strike.

At last, those warriors and beasts refrained themselves from acting recklessly. They needed to wait and see until they were certain about Ricky's true strength. None of the warriors who dared to enter the Fortune Land were ever weak.

Besides, there were other opportunities waiting for them in the Gravitational Wind Valley.

"Have they decided to retreat without even striking? What a pity! Otherwise, my dragon meridian would have grown to six inches," Ricky muttered to himself, disappointed to see that the warriors and beasts had sort of lost interest in him.

Within a heartbeat, he also glanced up towards the insides of the Gravitational Wind Valley.

The valley was marked by Zenith on his map. However, it didn't feel like the Land of Legacy, to Ricky's best judgement. The fortune here wasn't very different to those in other places.

If the Land of Legacy could be found here, then the fortune should be overwhelming. Besides, Ricky should have already sensed the enlightening power by now.

However, Ricky wondered why these warriors were gathered here if this place wasn't the Land of Legacy.

Soon, he discovered that the warriors and beasts were drawn to the tornadoes.

"Could there be something hidden inside the tornadoes?" Ricky wondered. Within a few heartbeats, Ricky saw a middle-aged demi-immortal warrior leading several younger disciples nearby.

They seemed friendly and less aggressive to him.

Ricky walked over to them and asked humbly, "Good morning, sir. Could you please tell me why people are all staring at those tornadoes?" The politeness was abundant in his words.

"So you know it's the Gravitational Wind Valley, but you do not know of what's inside the tornadoes?" The middle-aged man replied politely, obviously quite surprised to hear Ricky's question.

"That is right, sir!" Ricky said, with a little grin on his face.

"Let me tell you why," a beautiful woman interrupted w

pears, we can refine the Wind Hole, transform it, and absorb its energy with one part of our body."

"We know that," Felicia nodded in agreement.

Then, the three of them entered the small-sized gravitational windstorms, fought against their pressure and tried to adapt themselves into the internal environments of the gravitational windstorms.

Meanwhile, the surrounding warriors and beasts began breaking into some of the gravitational windstorms which they had chosen for themselves. However, not a single warrior was bold enough to pick a large-sized gravitational windstorm.

"Hey, Brent, I have never told you that I'm content with a small-sized windstorm!" Ricky said, smiling lightly.

"But, you..." Hearing what Ricky said, Brent was astonished.

Then, Ricky rushed across the road and jumped into one of the medium-sized gravitational windstorms.

Seeing what Ricky had just done, Brent looked concerned about his safety. However, within several heartbeats, when he saw Ricky was doing alright inside the windstorm, he felt a bit more relieved.

"It just didn't come to me that Randal is actually a medium-grade demi-immortal warrior. He must be a genius!" Brent muttered in a low voice.

The other warriors saw Ricky enter the medium-sized windstorm and sighed with relief that they were right to not make a vain attempt to rob him of his dragon meridian.

After all, a medium-grade demi-immortal warrior shouldn't be provoked at all costs. It would have been suicidal for those low-grade beasts and warriors to try and challenge him in any way.

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