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   Chapter 384 The Gravitational Wind Valley

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The mists that had come from the three white Howling Wolves were hit by waves of burning flames, so there was no escape from there for them.

Engulfed by the burning flames, the three Howling Wolves had no chance of survival. Finally, they were reduced to three dragon meridians that were three inches long.

It was not until Ricky saw the appearance of the dragon meridians that he believed the Howling Wolves had died for good.

With his spiritual energy transformed into two huge hands, Ricky took the three dragon meridians by force in a bid to see them more clearly.

They were pure white and had the same forms as the dragons in the legends. They could sense Ricky's curiosity and desperately attempted to struggle their way out of Ricky's hands.

"Dragon meridians are filled with the spirits and fortune energy of marital arts. I really hope that I will be offered more luck here since I have you three now," Ricky said excitedly while looking at the three tiny dragon meridians.

The next moment, without any hesitation, Ricky swallowed the three small dragon meridians. Within seconds, there was a white dragon meridian that appeared and spread over the back of his neck.

His new dragon meridian was extremely small and was only two inches long to start.

"This sucks. I ate three five-inch dragon meridians, but only got a two inch long one on my neck. This doesn't feel fair at all!" Ricky felt his neck to check the length of his dragon meridian and muttered to himself in disappointment.

Zenith had once told him that he wouldn't be in a position to fight for the fortune of dragon meridians until his own dragon meridian was as long as at least ninety feet. He only had a two-inch one on his neck after absorbing the wolves' dragon meridians, and it wasn't good enough for him.

Besides, he finally understood that swallowing the dragon meridians he won would not be much help with the growth of the one on his body. As time passed, more stimuli would be needed to help his dragon meridian grow to a more desirable size.

In other words, the growth of his dragon meridian would slow down until he found other efficient and effective ways to stimulate it.

"My dragon meridian is still too weak and small. It is such a hassle for me," Ricky said lightly with a thin smile.

They had only one year before they had to leave the Land of Fortune. They were required to work hard to kill more and more fortune beasts. Even so, not many warriors would be lucky enough to see their dragon merid

void trouble.

He currently aimed to kill as many fortune beasts as possible and to obtain the fortune of dragon meridians whilst avoiding intense and dangerous confrontations with the talented and experienced old warriors in the area.

'I hope my master and Elder Evan are safe. They know the whereabouts of the Gravitational Wind Valley, so my goal is to eventually meet them there.' Ricky thought to himself, praying for their safety while he searched for them.

As its name implied, the Gravitational Wind Valley was a narrow valley surrounded by tornadoes which were formed naturally. If one entered the Gravitational Wind Valley, they might find themselves walking into the Gravitation Enlightenment space where the gravity was three times heavier than that in a normal place.

Luckily, the threefold gravity there was nothing to strong warriors, especially Ricky.

Inside the Gravitational Wind Valley, he saw some ferocious demi-immortal beasts and some demi-immortal warriors who led other warriors at high grades of the Bone Reinforcement with them.

They tried to keep some distance from others to avoid any possible confrontation though.

Any dangerous confrontation would reduce their strength and carry the risk of injury. Such fighting would be the major interference to the achievement of their goals.

Ricky's arrival drew some suspicious and greedy glances, since his five-inch dragon meridian was longer than most of theirs.

Those greedy warriors didn't try to attack him though. That was because they knew that anybody who could make his dragon meridian grow to five inches in such a short period of time was powerful and shouldn't be provoked.

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