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   Chapter 383 The Space Splitting Cage

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7206

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"Did you three turn into mist again? You are giving me exactly what I want," Ricky said, smiling as his runic power turned into the devouring runic power.

In the next moment, the devouring rune followed the Flame Torrent and devoured the fortune dispersed by the three white Howling Wolves.

Upon noticing the devouring power of the devouring runes, the dispersed fortune moved even more rapidly in order to get rid of the Flame Torrent and change into a white Howling Wolf later when they were safe.

The strength of the three white Howling Wolves had obviously declined, the previous one even more so. When the white dragon meridian appeared on its head, the fortune around the last two wolves' bodies also declined.

"You do not have real bodies, and your powers are now rapidly declining. Soon, you will no longer be my opponent, so just give me the dragon meridian now and accept your fate!" Ricky said fiercely as his eyes glowed with golden flames.

Although Ricky had sympathy for the fortune beasts, there was no way he was going to pass up on his own opportunity. The jungle rule clearly stated that the weak would stand as an easy prey to the strong. If Ricky went soft and let the three white Howling Wolves go, they would probably gather up more fortune beasts to fight against him.

"Howl! Howl!"

The three white Howling Wolves howled in anger upon hearing Ricky's words and noticing their deteriorating power and strength.

"Continental creature, you are making up stories to make us hand over our dragon meridians," the three Howling Wolves replied in a serious tone.

"You might say I'm only making up stuff, but I cannot think of any way for you to defend yourselves. Even though you can mobilize the fortune in the Land of Fortune, you cannot turn that fortune into your own power and strength. It would take time to cultivate yourself step by step," Ricky said scornfully.

"You can choose to show me what else you've got while you still have the chance, or you can give up now and I will kill you mercifully."

Ricky changed the rune again and changed it into the chaotic fire rune. His intention was obvious and

Howling Wolves wanted was to run away.

They exchanged looks and seemed to arrive at a decision. Then, they turned themselves into light balls and ran away towards three different directions.

"Don't you think it's too late to run away now?" Ricky smiled without a trace of worry on his face.

"Close the cage!"

In the next moment, streaks of the ripple-shaped internal power appeared and turned into a cage as Ricky shouted. Then, it enveloped the whole area, including the three white Howling Wolves.


With the flame still raging on, each streak of the ripple-shaped internal power condensed itself and slowly decreased in size.

Within seconds, the three white Howling Wolves would be burned to death.

But Ricky had to be sure. He was not about to give them the chance to consume any more of the dragon meridian, so he used the Iron Destroyer and urged the Flame Torrent to finish their battle.

Then, right after the Flame Torrent came the devouring power.

Having seen the two kinds of powers Ricky released, the three white Howling Wolves tried to separate and escape from the Space Splitting Cage. But they could not.

How did the cage work? Where did it get its name?

The space split up into separate fragments, making each piece an isolated cage full of infernal power and guarded by the chaotic fire rune.

Anyone except Ricky would burn endlessly if put inside the Space Splitting Cage.

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