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   Chapter 382 One Against Three

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7968

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There were howls responding the roar of the white Howling Wolf that was sounding out in the distance. Ricky could immediately sense that two strong sources of momentum were coming rapidly toward him.

"It really is calling its companions for help!" Ricky said in a low voice.

At that moment, Ricky wanted to escape, but the two were rushing toward him and the white Howling Wolf in front of him was blocking his path. He couldn't run away unless he went back to the Chaotic Fire Zone.

Ricky tried to link with those three zones with his mind, but he found that it was like the last time when he was in the seal array. He could take things out of the zone, but not put things into it.

"Is it because we are in the Land of Fortune and its space has the sealing power to stop me from returning to the Chaotic Fire Zone?" Ricky murmured as his face turned gloomy.

At the same time, Ricky prayed that the wolf's two companions were not so strong.

Ricky's momentum rose the next moment. Now that he couldn't run away, he would have to fight against them. No matter how powerful his enemies were, Ricky never feared for himself in a fight.

He took out his Iron Destroyer and it rang with a vibrant sound and fierce fire. After one second, he had launched several tiger like slashes directly toward the white Howling Wolf.

Ricky wanted to injure the white Howling Wolf, or even kill it before the other two Howling Wolves could arrive. In that way, his stress would be reduced by a lot.

Seeing that Ricky had broken out his power, the white Howling Wolf knew Ricky's intention, so it also broke out its total power. Its two companions would arrive there very soon. The victory belonged to them as long as it could block Ricky's fierce attacks.

Roar! When the wolf's howl rang out, a strong fortune energy surrounded the white Howling Wolf. The fortune energy turned into a huge white ball before it condensed and melded with the wolf's bloody mouth.

Then the white Howling Wolf spurted the incomplete innate power out of its mouth. The power, mixed with the fortune energy and condensed to its strongest point, was launched toward Ricky's violent slash attacks.


The two powerful attacks crashed together and the blast became millions of waves that turned into a roundish ball. It exploded instantly and made the space around it very unstable. It

ere smashed and deep holes appeared. In a flash, Ricky had launched into the air and resisted dozens of attacks that were launched by the three white Howling Wolves.


After the fierce collision, the three white Howling Wolves surrounded Ricky in three directions. They condensed giant fortune balls that they fused with their own spiritual energy and attacked Ricky.

Ricky couldn't dodge the attack because they were coming from all three directions at a high speed.

Ricky was not going to try to escape however. The three white Howling Wolves' power was above the intermediate stage of the demi-immortal level, but they didn't have any combat experience. They didn't have real bodies either, so their power was not as strong as Ricky had imagined.

"Chaotic Fire Omnipotent Skill--Flame Torrent!"

Four kinds of fire instantly flared out. They fused with the chaotic fire rune and pervaded the Iron Destroyer. Then, Ricky wielded the Iron Destroyer and the Flame Torrent burst out around him.

After his three-month cultivation, Ricky could use the Flame Torrent more optionally.

Crack! Under the power of the four kinds of fire and the chaotic fire rune, the three fortune balls were defeated and dispersed. The Flame Torrent still burned fiercely and rushed out toward the three white Howling Wolves.

The Flame Torrent burned the three white Howling Wolves immediately, causing their screams to all rise up at once.

The three white Howling Wolves reacted quickly. They dispersed into fortune energy and escaped from the burning range of the Flame Torrent.

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