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   Chapter 381 Fortune Beast

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Once Ricky was able to perceive again, he realized that he was exposed in a white and endless world.

This world was as genuine as the world where he lived. There were groves of trees and an endless mountain range enveloped in dense mist. He felt like he was thrown into a place out of a fantasy world. A feeling of walking in the clouds gently approached him.

Certainly, the strongest feeling that Ricky had was with intangible and strong fortune.

"Is this the Fortune Land?" Ricky spread his arms and said slowly. He was curious about this world that he had never been to before.

At the same time, to be able to perceive the intangible fortune everyone had been talking about, Ricky grabbed the dense fog floating in the air. However, his attempt was all in vain. He wasn't able to grab anything.

Even when Ricky applied his Light Apperception, he still couldn't grab any fortune.

"In the Fortune Land, it seems that fortune can only be seen but cannot be grabbed. Therefore, the only thing that I can hold in my hands is the dragon meridian," Ricky said slowly.

The next moment, Ricky rotated to the open view once again and looked to the distance. He was lost in his thought and his brain started to think of solutions to his problem. Now that the only thing he could acquire was the dragon meridian, it had become his new target. According to Zenith's words, the main source of the dragon meridian was the fortune beast.

Considering that he was new to this land, his priority was acquiring the dragon meridian, so he left the Land of Legacy left by completed spiritual kings and demi-spiritual emperors behind.

Ricky quickened his pace towards the distant place in search for a fortune beast.

After about 15 minutes, Ricky ran into his first fortune beast, who was a white Howling Wolf with demi-immortal power.

Enveloped by the dense fog, this white Howling Wolf looked like it was being condensed by strong fortune. Ricky sensed that the white Howling Wolf didn't have a physical body.


The white Howling Wolf stared at Ricky with hatred and shouted at him the moment he showed up. It angrily said, "It is you, the evil creature from the continent who breaks into the Fortune Land every century. You destroy our homeland and ruin our peaceful lives! Damn you!"

Boom! The dense fog from the nearest space where they were standing wildly enraged and surged towards him. It then transformed into a big mouth of a howling wolf, biting directly towards him.

"It was incredibly

attack, it whined and shouted. Its ferocious eyes turned even more serious.

The white Howling Wolf realized that it underestimated Ricky's strength. He was indeed incredibly strong and wasn't someone that it could easily deal with.

'The power exceeds levels of the demi-immortal. It seems that my fortune has become weaker after coming to the Fortune Land, ' Ricky thought to himself. He had a better grasp of the white Howling Wolf's strength after their fearsome exchange.

What Ricky was really concerned about was that his Fire Cloud Fist hit nothing but the air as if the white Howling Wolf disappeared into thin air.

He didn't realize it at first and thought that the Fire Cloud Fist had crashed into the white Howling Wolf's paw and head. In fact, the white Howling Wolf was able to protect itself from being hurt.

He also protected himself from being hurt thanks to his quick reflexes. Otherwise, the paw would have seriously injured him.

'Chief Zenith didn't inform us about how powerful the fortune beasts were. Maybe he wanted us to practice ourselves by fighting the fortune beast under such circumstances, ' Ricky thought to himself.

Ricky began to try and figure out how the white Howling Wolf disappeared in the air and why his attack didn't hurt it at all.

Howl! Howl!

Suddenly, The white Howling Wolf started to howl towards the sky. It was quite different from the sound that it previously made. Ricky realized that something terrible was about to happen.

"Damn! Is it calling for its pack?" Getting along with Soar, Ricky became able to understand the animal's language. Hearing the dangerous howling signal, Ricky narrowed his eyes.

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