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   Chapter 380 The Land Of Fortune

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All the warriors and forces in the whole Realm of Wildness became restless with the strange aura of the area.

At that point in time, Ricky and Grace also woke up from their states of cultivation. As soon as they woke up, they were called by Zenith to his cave.

"It has been a hundred years and the Land of Fortune is coming back soon. Are you both prepared for that after training for the past three months?" Zenith asked carefully.

"We are ready and have full confidence in our power!" Ricky and Grace answered firmly.

"I can set my mind at rest after hearing that you are ready," Zenith said and nodded as he looked at their confident eyes. He didn't look worried because he also had a lot of faith in them.

Since Zenith had separated himself from the Snow Sect ruled by Boris now, he stopped talking to his disciples like a rigid sect chief.

"Remember not to force yourselves too much. If you feel too strained, just make sure that your own lives are you top priority. After all, life is everything!" Zenith said.

"Chief Zenith, we understand!" Ricky and Grace nodded.

"Next, I will tell you something that you need to pay special attention to," Zenith said.

"Your main aim in the Land of Fortune is to kill the fortune beasts and get the dragon meridian of the fortune beasts. Of course, you can also choose to seize the dragon meridian of other warriors instead. In a way, the most important thing for you to do is to fight for the dragon meridian any way you can.

Apart from fighting for the dragon meridian, you also need to pay attention to the Lands of Opportunity.

The Land of Fortune appears every one hundred years. Every time it has appeared, the fortunes inside would almost be captured by numerous warriors; then it would be gone for another hundred years in order to regenerate its fortune energy.

It's a very small land that we live in, so the fortunes of the Land of Fortune usually come from places such as the graves of dead completed spiritual kings and demi-spiritual emperors," Zenith continued explaining.

"For every completed spiritual king and demi-spiritual emperor, the achievements originally had contained a lot of fortunes. After they died, the fortunes they once had were eventually scattered in their graves or the places where they died.

The Land of Fortune is invisible. Every time, after it disappeared, it would absorb the fortunes of the dead completed spiritual kings and demi-spiritual emperors and then regenerate. Then, it would just be a matter of waiting for the next appearance. Sure enough, this is merely the way the fortunes

hey were willing, they dared not to crumble it to pass into the other land.

Even though the beasts at the levels of Skin Refinement and Blood Purification didn't clearly know what had happened, the demi-immortal beasts could send messages and warn them about the danger. Consequently, they chose to ignore the Fortune Jade altogether.

Soon, some warriors with enough strength crumbled the Fortune Jade. There were some other warriors who couldn't stop themselves from crumbling the Fortune Jade out of curiosity. As soon as the Fortune Jade was crumbled, the figures disappeared from the Realm of Wildness.


In the canyon where the Misty South Palace lay, Ricky, Grace, Elder Evan, and the other Elders had already acquired Fortune Jades and were ready to use them whenever they decided it was time.

"Esteemed Elders, Ricky, and Grace, let me emphasize this again-- your lives are more important than anything else!" Zenith said again in concern.

"Don't worry, Chief. We don't want to stay in the Land of Fortune longer than we need to," Ricky said with a smile.

"You guys can set out on your journey now. After you leave the Land of Fortune, I will almost have finished adjusting the Misty South Palace," Zenith said lightly.

All the warriors, including Ricky, nodded their heads. They then crumbled the Fortune Jade successively. As soon as they crumbled the Fortune Jade, they could feel themselves being dragged into the other zone by a powerful force. Their bodies shook violently until they suddenly appeared in another world.


"I hope you can all obtain the opportunities that you deserve in the Land of Fortune!" Zenith said warmly as he watched his comrades disappear from right in front of him.

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