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   Chapter 378 The Foes Retreated

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Crackle! Crackle! There was a strange sound of something cracking around them.

Zenith's Ultimate Domain, which was named the Ultimate Blizzard Domain, was continuously expanding and causing all the Ultimate Domains of the innate spiritual kings to become severely crowded. Their Ultimate Domains also seemed to be under the maximum pressure they could withstand, which were about to explode at any second from the pressure. Even the Ultimate Domains of a few lower spiritual kings were splitting from the inside and obvious cracks were showing up.

'No way! How can his Ultimate Domain be close to that of an upper spiritual king?' all the spiritual kings thought wildly to themselves as they were thunderstruck by what was happening right in front of them.

Their astonishment was well justified, though. Becoming a real spiritual king involved the improvement of martial arts skills in two major aspects. One aspect was the Ultimate Domain, while the other was combat power. Between the two aspects, the more important and decisive aspect was, of course, the Ultimate Domain. That was because the promotion of a warrior's Ultimate Domain was often accompanied by the improvement of his or her combat power.

The Ultimate Domain that was burst out by Zenith was almost as powerful as that of an upper spiritual king. It was a clear fact to prove that Zenith would soon become a real upper spiritual king. With that thought, they became frustrated and their courage to fight against Zenith was almost drained away completely. They should not be looked down on for that. After all, no one wanted to risk fighting against a potential upper spiritual king.

Zenith became stronger than them at that moment. Killing him before he could become an upper spiritual king turned out to be a silly daydream for them.

'So, that's Zenith's ace in the hole—he's about to become an upper spiritual king, ' the chief of the Sky Manor thought to herself. She was quite startled as well. Finally, she had realized the real reason why Ricky and Zenith were not intimidated at all when being attacked by the joint forces.

Besides those innate spiritual kings, even the lord of the Imperial Palace of Wildness was reluctant to be Zenith's foe. Only a strong upper spiritual king might have the power to kill Zenith, after all. He, or his subordinates, were definitely not powerful enough to finish the job.

If their attacks failed to kill Zenith, it would be hard for them to imagine how terrible a potential upper spiritual king's revenge would be.

'It seems that, in the future, the Realm of Wildness will be divided and ruled by three different forces.' The chief of the Sky Manor had a further analysis of the situation at hand. She no longer had any more concern for Ricky's safety.

As long as the spiritual kings did not want to be killed, or have their forces suffer great losses, they would definitely retreat before too long.

Boris's face, compared to the shocked expressions of the spiritual kings, couldn't be more depressed and gloomy.

If Zenith used other aces up his sleeve, Bor

spiritual kings truly be intimidated by you and show you real respect.

The other most important thing is that after you manage to be an innate spiritual king, you will have a bigger vision and a deeper understanding of martial arts. Only an innate spiritual king has the real qualification to travel all around this continent anyway," Zenith added in a serious tone.

"I see what you mean, Chief! Thank you!" Ricky said sincerely and nodded.

At one point, becoming an innate spiritual king would have been a dream that Ricky did not dare to think of. Now, he was finally qualified to pursue such a dream. Somehow, he was also pretty confident that he could soon make it.

"Good! Then, you and Grace should make any necessary preparations for your trip to the legendary Fortune Land," Zenith said. "In such a Land, the geniuses of the younger generation, and the demi-immortals who have lived for hundreds of years, will both want to compete with you.

Those demi-immortals will be your most powerful and terrible opponents. Since they have lived much longer than you, their fighting experience, hidden trump cards, and psychological qualities are superior to you and others in your generation. When you meet any of them there, you must be careful.

The only guarantee of your whole trip will be your own power and strength. Therefore, the further improvements you two make in your secret cultivation, the better benefits it will bring to you over time."

"Now I've learned a lot from you, Chief! Thank you for your advice!" Ricky said respectfully.


After the crisis was finally over, the whole area of the Realm of Wildness regained its peace. It was only a temporary peace before a greater storm came, however. Within the peaceful atmosphere, people could still feel that the warriors were actually holding in their urge to fight. Even the sound of their hard training could be vaguely heard around the area.

Under such circumstances, Ricky adjusted his physical conditions to its peak, and began his cultivation in seclusion again.

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