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   Chapter 377 A Shocking War Of Ultimate Domains

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 11210

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Several figures roared past in the sky.

In the next instant, more than ten innate spiritual kings appeared above the Misty South Palace. From the energy they released, it was apparent that half of them were middle spiritual kings. This was truly a formidable army.

The army was formed by three forces, with the most powerful ones leading them. The first lot contained Boris, that famous array deployer who were leading the army with Errol by his side.There was another middle spiritual king with them, whose appearance indicated that he might come from the West Desolate Land. He might be the lord of the West Desolate Palace then.

The second lot was formed by two middle spiritual kings and two lower spiritual kings, all of whom had come from the Earth Fire Land. Ricky saw a familiar face among them. It was Mia, from the Casting Guild!

The remaining four middle spiritual kings and four lower spiritual kings were apparently the forces from the Heaven Wood Land. Ricky recognized the Chief of the Sky Manor in them at once.

"Come out and let's have a good old chat, Zenith. Don't hide behind your mountain. After all, you invited us here in such a high-profile way. Is it really polite to treat your guests like this?" one of the middle spiritual kings from the Heaven Wood Land called out as soon as the whole army had come to a halt in the air. He didn't say those words with his mouth, but instead transmitted them with his energy which formed powerful sound waves that carried his voice across the valley and bombarded the whole place.

"Get lost!" Zenith answered in a cold, dry voice which showed his contempt and defiance. His words swept over the army forcefully, like a series of strong waves. All the innate spiritual kings up there had to gather up their energy and protect themselves from the sound attack.

Nonetheless, it was still too powerful. All the lower spiritual kings were knocked back by the energy, and several less competent middle spiritual kings felt a punch in their chest, unable to fend off all the energy from Zenith.

All the innate spiritual kings' faces darkened immediately when the sound attack stopped. The confidence in their eyes drained away.

They were all very powerful warriors, and were able to detect others' levels fairly easily. Judging from Zenith's sound attack alone, they realized that their rival was far more powerful than they were. He had uttered merely two words, and they all just lost their balance.

It was a hard pill to swallow, but they had to face the truth. There was an undeniably great disparity in their strength. At this point, it suddenly dawned upon them what Zenith's greatest card was--his powerful strength! At this level, he could be strong enough to send them all to their fate.

This was the last thing that Boris and his men wanted to see. They might have tried to maintain a calm exterior, but the envy and fury in their eyes betrayed them. More then anyone else, they just couldn't accept this fact.

It wasn't hard to understand. Seeing their sworn enemy grow stronger had dealt them a big blow. Anyone in this world could become more powerful except for Zenith. The burning hatred in their chests blazed hot and furious.


"Invited you? I don't recall ever doing that. I only told the world that the Misty South Palace was founded. Isn't it


"Who do you think you are, Zenith?" the spiritual kings yelled in unison, enraged by Zenith's order to leave. Blue veins popped out on their temples. Their own energy exploded too, in response to the impending fight. How dare Zenith stand between them and the treasure? They had to teach him a lesson, now!

As the energy they unleashed increased, each of them began to create their own Ultimate Domain, which kept expanding and twisting the space around them. Within seconds, the entire space around the valley had been taken up by their oppressive domains of different kinds. From their point of view, Zenith might be stronger than any of them individually, but there was strength in numbers.

Then there was a dull, deep crack that rang out from all directions, and the sound became louder and sharper.

Ricky and Zenith realized that it was the sound of space fracturing slowly but surely. The whole space had nearly been shattered by the many Ultimate Domains.

"Come on, everyone. Let's fight together and get that spiritual space tool first. We have plenty of time to decide how we can share it after that!" one of the spiritual kings called on the others, preparing to launch his attack. The others followed without hesitation. All of a sudden, nearly twenty powerful Ultimate Domains were moving towards Zenith, Ricky, and Soar, like dark, ominous clouds.

"Ultimate Blizzard Domain!" Zenith bellowed just in time. At his words, the sky above the Misty South Palace grew dark, and a great blizzard swept across the entire valley as the Ultimate Blizzard Domain was formed. All the enemies' Ultimate Domains were then forced to retreat from this big stormy entity, like balloons being blown away.

"Boom!" rang out a sound loud enough to wake the dead.

Before all the spiritual kings could blink, their Ultimate Domains had been obliterated by Zenith's Ultimate Blizzard Domain upon contact. The Ultimate Blizzard Domain didn't just stop there, either! It kept expanding and headed for the spiritual kings after swallowing their domains.

"How could this be?" they exclaimed in disbelief as they stood aghast, watching the Ultimate Blizzard Domain barreling towards them. Zenith's power was truly stupefying!

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